Monday, October 23, 2006

Brends actions.....

OMG!!!!! I just love Brendas actions!!!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us all Brenda. they are amazing!!!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Doodlebug frills.......

sounds all a bit kinky doesnt it???......oooo but no!! Its not. just a product that is new out and i was introduced to by the fabulous Steph!!!
i used them on my September snapshot so thought i would share it on here.

Sorry the stitching is crap. the scanner didnt like the big jeweled brad!!!

school holidays ...where did they go???

O my god!!! Where did the school holidays go??? it only seem slike a week ago they started 3rd term and now here, today is the beginning of last term. I'm too scared to shut my eyes for a second, because if I do it will be xmas, then Kloe will be turning 21 then i'll be on my old age pension, and its all just a little too scary!!!

On a good note though we have just returned from a wonderful 5 days of R and R down at Victor harbor and a day trip to kangaroo Island. Victor was great, we did basically nothing!! Awesome hey!! Just lazed around the country club (gotta love working for the Conolly group!!), swam in the under cover heated swimming pool, took kloe for a re-visit to the wildlife park, went for a drive along the coast. nice!!! went on a bus trip for the day over to KI, which was great but for me the one day was enough. So glad we didnt sign up for the 2 day trip. Would have been a bit much!!!

havent got much else to say , or the time to say it in, so will just share with you some photos

O my!!! me in a photo..A very rare thing indeed. Who gave that man my camera in anycase???? Smile Kloe its not that bad having a photo taken with mum is it???

Not a bird person but they were so pretty and posed for me so nicely!!!!

I know I'm biased but I just have absolutely no idea where she gets her good looks from!! What with us two ugly ducks as her parents. Perhaps the hospital swapped her at birth??? Nope impossible!!! Shes too much like me in temperament to possible be anybody elses child!!!

The three of us!!!!