Saturday, December 30, 2006

xmas photo.....

O bugger thought i had better share Kloes xmas photo with you all before its next Xmas!!!

We managed to get a girly day in adelaide before Xmas. Scott was fishing in elliston with mr. Mack, Kloe had finished school for the year so we snaggled a day and went girly shopping!! We had a ball, spent a wee fortune, and managed to convince her to sit on the big fat guy in red for a snapshot. She did it, reluctantly, but she did it!!!

I cant believe that she stil hates him. Shes 7 for gawds sake!!!

Dont you just love her body language!!! As soon as the picture was tken she was off his lap in a flash and stood about 3 feet from him and had a chat with him. Even when he gave her a bear on a lanyard for visiting him she wouldnt go any closer!! Just leaned over for him to put it around her neck!!

Ok think i have caught up on december!!

Other than to say I hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and may you NEW YEAR be filed with love, joy and happiness and that all your dreams come true!!!

Love you al and catch you in the new year with some very exciting news that i have been dying to share!!!!

robbie williams..better late than never!!

Ok I know I promised to get back on here.....well i'm back albeit nearly a month later...whoops, where did december go in anycase???

Now Robbie Williams...where do I start??? He was absolutely awesome!!! Would have to say it was the best concert EVER!!! His energy was non-stop from go to whoa!! He loved playing with the crowd, he loved showing off his chest (thank you god!!), and his singing just couldnt be faltered. have I ever mentioned how much I just love him??? Such a hunk of a man!! And my height to boot!! What more could a woman want?

Here are some photos. Most of my photos didnt turn out really great which kind of peed me off. Not sure what the problem was.....he always seemed out of focus but everything else was fine. Strange! Also probably didnt help that I'm a totally short ass and had to hold camera above my head to be able to get some shots...he he he. but then the ever so fabulous Julie sent me some great one sfrom the brisbane concert.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

still not much to say.....

its been nearly a month and i still dont have a great deal to say.....sad isnt it!

Well what has happened in the past month???

Scott had his tonsils out, he recovered well, surprise surprise!!

We went to see U2 which was amazing!!! Was just a huge pity about where our seats were but hey !, the tickets were free, so no use in complaining!! we were on the 3rd teir of setting i the members stand. The echoing from the stand was shocking! you would have the music come past you and then bounce back off the roof of the stands!! Terrible, you couldnt understand a word that Bono was saying.... :(. I was also sad because i never took my camera. It said no cameras on the ticket so i didnt risk taking mine. Nearly every second person had a camera!!! They didnt even check you when you went through the gates!! i was SO peeved!! O well...we were so far away and on such a weird angle the photos wouldnt have been much stick in any case!.

what else???

Got to see scan photos of my future neice or nephew! That was pretty cool.

I did this for them. The photo looks a bit dark in the scan of the page but IRL is much easier to see!

Not much else to report...o yea we had baby bunnies born. We had 7 born but have only 2 left. the heat here has been terrible. We had temps up past 40 degrees and it was only November!!!

Anyway here are a couple of pics of the babies.

Kloe has named them Diddy and Diddilina! For those who dont know they are Japanese cartoon characters, a bit like Hello Kitty, but are male and female mice! kids!!! We are not keeping them though so I dont know why she named them!!

Off to adelaide tomorrow for a doctors visit at repromed, then on tuesday ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!!! i so cant wait!!! So a very busy week. I am going to be so tired come wednesday!!! but hey Robie is SO worth it!! And thank god we have way better tickets!! we have oval A tickets which is basiclly the Mosh Pit!!! I want to get some great photos!!! Is going to be hard to stand all that time but will be so worth it!!! And hopefully we wont get that horrible echo like we did with U2.

Ok betta dash.....hopefully i wil be back on wednesday with Robbie photos.......