Monday, May 29, 2006

The bestest week....

Well i have to say i'm am coming out of the bestest week I have had in a long , long, long time. it started with monday with a very rare occurance. All three of us had the day off!! Kloe had a student free day, scott had a rostered day,and I took a day off!! Wow this like never happens!. We decided to make the most of it and spend the day together. We ended up going for a drive down the coast to Wallaroo, Moonta Bay, Port Hughes and Wallaroo. It was just so nice to get away from all the hassles and just have a day of nothingness. So decadent I know but it was fantastic!!

It did put me a couple of days behind in the daily challenges I've been doing but that was ok because I had my normal day off on wednesday and this is the first wednesday in I dont remember how long that i never had to go to adelaide or get BT's done or anything!! it was great!!! just did the regular normal things, like catch up on my daily challenges!!! LOL, at least I have my priorities straight!!!
Then on saturday I had the day off again!! OMG!!! 3 days in one week!!! Never heard of unless i've coughed up a lung or something similar!! What did I do on saturday???
I went scrapbooking!!! What else?? Went to Wirrabara with some local ladies for our monthly get together and crop!! It was fantastic and so relaxing. its just a pity its so far away and along a real dirt track to get there! i could have stayed all night but as mum had Kloe and she still is not the best I only stayed until 4pm, but did manage to get nearly4 pages done. How thrilled was I with that!! Over the moon I tell you!! i even scrapped photos that werent of Kloe!! Believe it or not!! Well two of them were, but the other two werent. I have decided to scrap some photos of some of her friends so she can look back in years to come and see who her friends were. Should be fun!! Dont know how long it will last but hey the sentiment at the moment is there!!

Ok must go do my challenge for today. Dont want to get behind with only a couple of days to go. How will I cope with next month without having something so encouraging to drive me on?? One really great thing about it all is how much of my stash i have used up. Its been an amazing clean out month!!
Making room for all the new stuff!!! He He He He

Thursday, May 18, 2006

bad blogger...

Ok i have been a very bad blogger and have not been updating but i honestly have had nothing positive to say and i really dont want this to be all depressing and the like or no one will ever come back and read about my o so boring life. Well if you are a follower you will probably have guessed by now that my treatment didnt work , but now they are doing some really nasty invasive investigations to try and figure out if there is some other cause other than my already diaognosed PCOS. Not nice and i will keep all the nasty details to myself other than last thursday i had a camera shoved where a camera was never designed to go. Ouch is all i'm saying!! You can picture the rest yourselves!! They also want us to seriuosly consider another form of treatment. To get onto this new program i have to take a few months of to get all the current drugs out of my system, before i start on the new lot. the new treatment is bit more expensive and i'm not sure what to do..........

But on a much lighter note I have been thoroughly enjoying the daily challenges that have been happening over at TSH. i cant wait to get my email in the morning before I head off to work.
i dream about what i'm going to do with the challenge when I get home and when i do get home I cant wait to dive in and find the right photo and start creating. I havent created so many pages in a month before ever!! its been totally exhilerating, although many things that i should be doing i'm not, because I'm too busy scrapping!! All of my challenges i've been creating can be found here!! was suppose to be doing a class in adelaide this weekend run by the fabulous Steph but I have had to hoo...and now have to wait til June to start some classes with her. i cant wait though!!

O yea and if everyone hasnt heard....the totally gorgeous ROBBIE WILLIAMS is coming to adelaide!! I cant believe it and cant wait!! December 5th..woohoo!!! Now the biggest trick of all is to be able to get tickets!! Its going to be at AAMI stadium which should hold about 40,000 or so, so with fingers crossed i should be able to get tickets. they go on sale on june 7th. i have the computer booked for that day. everyone stay away from me about 9am until you hear me scream with joy!!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

change of music....

A friend of mine introduce me to the wonderful sounds of an amazingly talented 17 year old today. i hope you enjoy listening to his song. you can find out more about him at teddy geiger

Monday, May 01, 2006

forgot to say..OMG i scrapped..!!!

Yep you read right..I have thought i had lost me mojo!! Thought the DS antibiotics had also killed my groove but i seem to have found it!!! And surprise surprise, i'm even in the photo..well kind of!!! LOL :o)

O yea and trust me..its all straight IRL. its just my scanner thats a bit drunk!!!

I'm back in the land of the living..

My god I havent had a flu that has knocked me off my feet this bad in years!! its been 2 weeks and i'm still not feeling 100%. How sad is that?? But hey life goes on...
What have you all missed in the past week..well to be honest not much!! Work, work and more work, and another trip to adelaide. At least this one was for pleasure and not pain (as such!!). We did a family trip to take Kloe to the zoo, with the alterior motive of mummy visiting IKEA!! When we woke up friday morning to rain rain and more rain. we still go?? yea sure why not! If its still raining by the time we get there we would go see a movie or something. we got to the zoo fairly dry and was there for about halfaan hour before it absolutely bucketed down. O NO!! Do we stay under shelter, wait it out or do we just leave?? We huddled under some wet dripping bamboo in the south-east asian exhibit for about 20 mins until it stopped. Then it stayed fairly nice for the rest of the day. Kloe was so funny, she was doing the zoo at 100 miles per hour!! I'm not sure if it was because the last time she went, she went wth her school ad i can imagine that they had to look at things pretty quickly to get them all around within a couple of hours, she didnt understand that we had all day today. it didnt matter how long we were there. We were very impressed with all the new bits that they have done, makes the zoo look so much nicer when the animals arent in cement cages and in a more natural (well as close to natural as you can get) surrounding. Buggered if I could see the tiger though in amongst all that plant life!!. Some nice ginger plants and palms though!!
But the best bit of all was the gorillas!!
The part I was looking most forward too and they did not disappoint me. truly stunning animals!!. For anybody who does not believe in evolution, they need to spend some time watching these amazing animals!!. There is definately some connection between them and humans!!

We ended up at the zoo for 3.5 hours. i expected to be there longer but Kloe had had enough by that time, so then it was off to find IKEA. No problems there, the place is HUGE!!!!!! with a capital H!!. i have never been to a carpark where it was so packed they had people directing you where to park!! You can tell I'm a country bumpkin hey!! Well i had a fairly good look around albeit with a 6 year old and a male in tow, wanting to know why i was looking at that??, why are we in a furniture display shop??, was i nearly finished looking???, was it nearly time to go look at harbour town???. My god I was having a ball and they werent. What was wrong with them?? we were in IKEA!!!! gave in and went to harbour town and ate some late lunch watching the planes land at the airport. very relaxing I must say!!

All I can say is thank god I'm back down there on friday of this week, and can sneak back out to IKEA and perhaps get lost!! if no one hears from me for a couple of days after friday you might want to send a search party looking for me. I could just possibly still be at IKEA!!!! LOL ;o)