Saturday, December 30, 2006

xmas photo.....

O bugger thought i had better share Kloes xmas photo with you all before its next Xmas!!!

We managed to get a girly day in adelaide before Xmas. Scott was fishing in elliston with mr. Mack, Kloe had finished school for the year so we snaggled a day and went girly shopping!! We had a ball, spent a wee fortune, and managed to convince her to sit on the big fat guy in red for a snapshot. She did it, reluctantly, but she did it!!!

I cant believe that she stil hates him. Shes 7 for gawds sake!!!

Dont you just love her body language!!! As soon as the picture was tken she was off his lap in a flash and stood about 3 feet from him and had a chat with him. Even when he gave her a bear on a lanyard for visiting him she wouldnt go any closer!! Just leaned over for him to put it around her neck!!

Ok think i have caught up on december!!

Other than to say I hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and may you NEW YEAR be filed with love, joy and happiness and that all your dreams come true!!!

Love you al and catch you in the new year with some very exciting news that i have been dying to share!!!!

robbie williams..better late than never!!

Ok I know I promised to get back on here.....well i'm back albeit nearly a month later...whoops, where did december go in anycase???

Now Robbie Williams...where do I start??? He was absolutely awesome!!! Would have to say it was the best concert EVER!!! His energy was non-stop from go to whoa!! He loved playing with the crowd, he loved showing off his chest (thank you god!!), and his singing just couldnt be faltered. have I ever mentioned how much I just love him??? Such a hunk of a man!! And my height to boot!! What more could a woman want?

Here are some photos. Most of my photos didnt turn out really great which kind of peed me off. Not sure what the problem was.....he always seemed out of focus but everything else was fine. Strange! Also probably didnt help that I'm a totally short ass and had to hold camera above my head to be able to get some shots...he he he. but then the ever so fabulous Julie sent me some great one sfrom the brisbane concert.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

still not much to say.....

its been nearly a month and i still dont have a great deal to say.....sad isnt it!

Well what has happened in the past month???

Scott had his tonsils out, he recovered well, surprise surprise!!

We went to see U2 which was amazing!!! Was just a huge pity about where our seats were but hey !, the tickets were free, so no use in complaining!! we were on the 3rd teir of setting i the members stand. The echoing from the stand was shocking! you would have the music come past you and then bounce back off the roof of the stands!! Terrible, you couldnt understand a word that Bono was saying.... :(. I was also sad because i never took my camera. It said no cameras on the ticket so i didnt risk taking mine. Nearly every second person had a camera!!! They didnt even check you when you went through the gates!! i was SO peeved!! O well...we were so far away and on such a weird angle the photos wouldnt have been much stick in any case!.

what else???

Got to see scan photos of my future neice or nephew! That was pretty cool.

I did this for them. The photo looks a bit dark in the scan of the page but IRL is much easier to see!

Not much else to report...o yea we had baby bunnies born. We had 7 born but have only 2 left. the heat here has been terrible. We had temps up past 40 degrees and it was only November!!!

Anyway here are a couple of pics of the babies.

Kloe has named them Diddy and Diddilina! For those who dont know they are Japanese cartoon characters, a bit like Hello Kitty, but are male and female mice! kids!!! We are not keeping them though so I dont know why she named them!!

Off to adelaide tomorrow for a doctors visit at repromed, then on tuesday ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!!! i so cant wait!!! So a very busy week. I am going to be so tired come wednesday!!! but hey Robie is SO worth it!! And thank god we have way better tickets!! we have oval A tickets which is basiclly the Mosh Pit!!! I want to get some great photos!!! Is going to be hard to stand all that time but will be so worth it!!! And hopefully we wont get that horrible echo like we did with U2.

Ok betta dash.....hopefully i wil be back on wednesday with Robbie photos.......

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OMG!!!! I've scrapped.....

with a little bit of help from my friends....LOL.
This is a LO I did in Kim Archers workshop today!!! i'm loving it!!!
Thanks Kim for the great class and hopefully it will get my creative butt into gear!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

bad bad blogger or is that forgetful blogger???

Yep i've been bad.....havent blogged for ages. Believe me its not the only thing i havent done in ages!! i have no energy, i have no desire to do anything, I have absolutely no creative juices flowing (my mojo has well and truly left the building!!), I have taken NO photos (o my god!!!) and I have no excuse for any of it other than I blame the drugs!! All of you out there in blogland that has ever had anything to do with reproductive medicine will all know what I'm talking about!!

I'm constantly drained of everything, I feel constantly bloated beyond capacity, my memory is taking a holiday with my creative mojo ( i truly hope they are having a good time and will be back soon!!). A perfect example is the other weekend i washed a load of clothes, ok boring you say, well I put them in the dryer, yep still boring you say, but then I dont remember doing anything with them! Come monday i was frantic looking for my work clothes. Where the hell were they?? I had myself convinced that someone had broken into our laundry ( its not attached to our house) and stolen my work clothes and all my good knickers and socks. Why would anybody want my clothes was beyond me, but i couldnt find them anywhere, so what else could have happened to them?? well after resigning myself to the fact that they were gone and I would have to buy myself some new ones, i heard a car pull into my driveway on wednesday night. O ok its my dad, but what did he have in his arms??? A basket full of ironing!!! yep my clothes!!! Do i remember taking them up to my mums to iron??? NOPE!!! Not on your nelly!!!

bit scary really!! makes me wonder what else I'm forgetting!!! Was meant to have a blood test today at 8.30, well i remembered at 11.30!!! better late than never i guess.

On another note Scott goes in and has his tonsils out tomorrow! My poor DH going under the knife! I just hope it stops him from SNORING!!!!! its driving me crazy!!!

ok betta go before i forget to post I kid you not!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Brends actions.....

OMG!!!!! I just love Brendas actions!!!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us all Brenda. they are amazing!!!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Doodlebug frills.......

sounds all a bit kinky doesnt it???......oooo but no!! Its not. just a product that is new out and i was introduced to by the fabulous Steph!!!
i used them on my September snapshot so thought i would share it on here.

Sorry the stitching is crap. the scanner didnt like the big jeweled brad!!!

school holidays ...where did they go???

O my god!!! Where did the school holidays go??? it only seem slike a week ago they started 3rd term and now here, today is the beginning of last term. I'm too scared to shut my eyes for a second, because if I do it will be xmas, then Kloe will be turning 21 then i'll be on my old age pension, and its all just a little too scary!!!

On a good note though we have just returned from a wonderful 5 days of R and R down at Victor harbor and a day trip to kangaroo Island. Victor was great, we did basically nothing!! Awesome hey!! Just lazed around the country club (gotta love working for the Conolly group!!), swam in the under cover heated swimming pool, took kloe for a re-visit to the wildlife park, went for a drive along the coast. nice!!! went on a bus trip for the day over to KI, which was great but for me the one day was enough. So glad we didnt sign up for the 2 day trip. Would have been a bit much!!!

havent got much else to say , or the time to say it in, so will just share with you some photos

O my!!! me in a photo..A very rare thing indeed. Who gave that man my camera in anycase???? Smile Kloe its not that bad having a photo taken with mum is it???

Not a bird person but they were so pretty and posed for me so nicely!!!!

I know I'm biased but I just have absolutely no idea where she gets her good looks from!! What with us two ugly ducks as her parents. Perhaps the hospital swapped her at birth??? Nope impossible!!! Shes too much like me in temperament to possible be anybody elses child!!!

The three of us!!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

here, there .....everywhere?????

im still here, or am I there...or am I everywhere...I think as of lately I feel like I am everywhere.
So due to everything that has been going on and everything that continues to go in daily life I am behind on blogging, e-mails, laundry, and life. :) At times when I begin to feel overwhelmed I start to question everything that I do..It makes me want to put everything into check, to get a better balance on things. Including this blog. Should I keep going with this or just let it go for the time being..that is the question..I am not for sure that I even know the answer yet..

I do know that I love being able to type out my thoughts and feelings. It has definitely been rewarding. Like a journal of sorts..recording the happenings of daily life, the thoughts of a moment..the photos that tell my story..
So seeing as I don’t have the time to share my thoughts or do the tag thingy (which I will get to I promise Lee…sooner or later)…heres some photos I wanted to share….

Ok own up..who stole my baby???

Who is this 'tween' who got her hair straightened at the hair-dressers today??

OMG!! next it will be eye-brow waxes and bikini waxes...OUCH!!

Whoever stole my baby ...I want her back.....I'm not ready for this.

Friday, September 22, 2006

EVS to the world........

Ok i've been ignoring my blog.....I have an excuse. I've just not been able to cope with the fact that TOBY didnt win Supernova. that *bleep bleep bleep* stupid lukas did. i've been living in a state of pure disbelief and bewilderment!!!! i still Love you TOBY and will buy your album as soon as it hits the shelves!!! i have your song playing now on my iTunes!!! O - o - o - o - OH...........

Ok i have also been tagged by th ever so gorgeous Lee!! i will have to think about it for a bit and will be back.....I promise!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

time for a change....

of song!! the dixie chicks were starting to annoy me. Now you can listen to the golden tones of Amy Lee from evanescence!!! Love this song!!! After listening to it get murdered on Rockstar :Supernova twice i needed to hear the real deal. Go Amy!!!!

In Memory of Rani

In Memory Of Rani

My emotions on this sad day......

A LO I did the other day to help me with my emotions. Dont think it worked but hey I tried!! Hey Steph! If youread this, the photo is another one of my bathroom photos!! Not bad hey!!! Shayne I know you will read this at sometime, I hope you can read the journalling. You know its me dont you!! I havent changed much over the years have I. I never got 'tough'. Still a big wuss!!!

And today is a specially sad day. Princess Rani's funeral is today at 2.30 SA time. We all are planning on lighting a pink candle for her. I hope if you read this in time, you will too. You might not know her, but if you are a parent you couldnt possibly imagine what she is going through, so light a candle not just for Rani, but for her brave parents Mel and John,and for her siblings, Josh and Teagan who are all incredibly brave as well. May you Rest In Peace Princess Rani and forever fly with the Angels.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sweet, sweet Princess Rani....

With tears streaming down my face I write this.......Poor sweet Princess Rani lost her battle for life today. I have no heart goes out to Mel, John, Josh and Tegan. Your little battler is now at peace.

Sweet Princess Rani

Thursday, August 31, 2006

For Steph......

Ok I did bathroom photo!!! Quite happy with it actually!!! Cant count all my chins!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nearly forgot my other news......

on a brighter note I GOT MY RED HOT CHILI PEPPER tickets!!! do you think i'm happy??? You have no idea!! Thought the tickets went on sale at 8.30 on monday so was sitting in front of the computer to get tickets and got on fairly easy. OMG!! i was shocked and totally stoked at the same time. Woohoo!!! But my jovial mood was short lived. Hmm...the time was 9.00 central standard time not eastern time. bugga!!!!! So i had to get off, remove myself totally from the website then go back and try again. Bugga!! Bugga!!! Bugga!!! It took SOOO LOOOOG to get back into the site (i'm guessing cuz everyone else was thinking it was EST as well!!), but when I did i got to the ticket section fairly quickly. only had to refresh o about 50 times!!! it didnt matter. it was 8.54 and my session wa sfor 40 minutes!! Woohoo i was in and i just sat and waited for the time to count down to 9am!!! refreshed the page and got my tickets!!! Bought and paid for by 9.01am!!!! Am i a legend or what!!!!!!
Can you believe that i am going to be standing mere metres away from this gorgeous hunk of a man!!! yep got CHILI BOWL tickets yet again!!!! Just got to remember to get there early!! last time they toured we got there fairly early ( or at least we thought we did!!) and the line up was already huge!! But we did get into the front section of the chili bowl before they shut it off!! O me o my!! Yum yum!!!!

Are we spoiling ourselves this year??? Robbie Williams in december and Now the Chili Peppers in April 2007!!!!!

For mel and rani..........

Forgot i had saved this quote. everytime i see it i think of Mel and Rani.

I got it off rhonnas blog when she was doing one of her 21 day challenges, So thanks Rhonna!!

I just love the quote and like i said it reminds me so much of Princess rani. keep getting strong baby!! and if all you can manage is baby steps in the right direction please know that we are all here helping and praying with you on your journey.

where did august go....?????

Ok..who stole august???? Where has it gone??? Come on fess up, someone stole august right from under my feet while my back was turned. Boy O boy this month and this whole year is flying by!! I guess the fact that august is such a busy busy month around here doesnt help matters either!
Highlights of this month were:

My god!!! My baby turned 7. can you believe it??? only seems like yesterday I was stuck in hospital with my wings clipped wating for her to make her entrance and when she did, she did it with the speed of a japanese electric train, and her whole life so far has kept going at that speed!!! MY BABY IS NOW OFFICIALLY A TWEEN!! No longer a baby or little girl and not yet a teenager (boy am i dreading those years with her moods lately!!). Stuck in between!!!

Then it was MIL's bday before i blinked. She turned 70!! and today is my mums birthday. Happy birthday mum!!!!

What else has been happening??? Umm.. I've done a few trips to adelaide to have some more lessons with the ever so fabulous Steph!!! We got chatting about PS and before long we were swapping actions and brushes and its been wild!! i just love all the great things you can do with it. I've been on a bit of a mission finding all these really cool brushes. Just love all the swirly-twirly ones and some of the grungy ones.

While in town i met up with the gorgeous marilyn!! A real true to life aussie layouts gal in the flesh!!! And what a lovely lady she is!! We have already signed up for more classes together!! Last weekends we went for two classes and had so much fun, laughing and giggling and discussing that gorgeous hunk of a man, Hugh Jackman!!! that we didnt get the second lesson finished!! Ooopss!!! o well as long as we were having fun!!!! this photo of marilyn and me was taken by Steph! The whole thing looks so much better IRL. Sometimes the scanner just doesnt quite get the colours and the whole thing quite right! And i swear it always adds a couple of extra chins to my face. Eeek!!! Why is it i never really feel the weight until I see a photo of me and then realise how much weight the drugs have really stacked on me. o god!!! Woo is me and all that dribble!!!

But i musnt feel sorry for myself. there is always someone out there who is so much worse off. even with all this extra weight i'm carrying around, i still have my health and the health of my family. I've realised this more than ever in the past couple of days. My friend ( and yes i do consider all my online family my friends) Mel is the strongest person i know. if you are reading this and dont know of her plight please go and read her blog and then you will know what I'm talking about. My heart goes out to her and her family, and her precious baby girl Princess Rani!! Mel you have more strength and courage of any person i know. this past weekend i have been constantly hugging my baby girl (even though shes now a tween!!) and thanking god for her and for her perfect health to continue well into her old age. you just never know how lucky you are.

Please everybody who reads this say a little prayer for Rani. no matter how small

Friday, August 04, 2006

back to normal in 13 days and counting....

yep the smelters shutdown is almost over..thank god!! Work has been incredible. No rest for the wicked is an absolute understatment!!! My scrapping has gone a bit by the wayside although I'm trying to get off to a good start with the august DC's. Just dont tell me i'm already two days behind or i wil get scared!! LOL.
Not much else has changed around here. Still loving my PSCS2 and have still been playing. Found some great brushes and some really cool actions that i have been playing madly with...just need some more great photos to work with. must be time to dig out my model and go take some more photos...hmmm maybe this weekend is the weather is nice.....

You not playing nice!!!!!!

My absolute fav photo at the moment!!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Yeaha!!!! Got my copy of photoshop CS2 at long last and i am LURVING it!!!! can at long last use all the fabulous actions and brushes that i have been collecting and that wouldnt work in PS6.
I am just loving this action at the moment. It would have to be a my absolute fav at the mo thats for sure!! And arent these brushes just to die for????
Ok it has taken me a bit longer than expected to get these photos on here but life has slowed down at all and is still as crazy as ever. But here they are better late than never!!
This is Kloe in the maze at Mintaro.
this is the ever so gorgeous Martindale Hall at Mintaro.
This one is Kloe looking at the Murray river at morgan. And me and Kloe. Dont look too closely at me. its a bit scary!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

school holidays, vet visits, smelters shutdown....

AARRGGHHHHHH...........stop the world!! i want to get off!!! OMG!! where have the past few weeks gone??? School holidays came and went in a blur, we have had too many visits to the vet and spent WAY too much money of the stupid dogs (still love them dearly though!!), and all this with work being absolutely phenomenal with the shutdown happening at the smelters!!

ok where to start?? ok first visit to the vet i think. Good place to start i think. zac.....o my has he been a big hassle. why o why did we get a labrador??. ok his visit to the vets in the week before the school holidays was all because his mouth is too big for his butt!!! If thats not enough information for you all, then lets just say he ate a bone that was a bit too big to come out the other end. get the picture now??? first lot of surgery!!! Cost??? Way too much!!!!

kloe on school holidays next!! Scott also on holidays!!! for those of you who know all about their relationship will understand and i need not comment further!! In truth it wasnt anywhere near as bad as i imagined. no blood was shed, just a few of my nerves!!!! It was the 2nd week of the smelters shutdown for me and chaos was the order of each and everyday!!! i managed to swindle a day off though and we did a trip down to Clare and Mintaro. We visited martindale hall (for those of you who are fans of the movie Picnic at hanging Rock, its the house they used as the school in the movie!). totally gorgeous old house, but not much fun when you look through the whole place in about a half hour flat!! i kid you not!! scott doesnt hold much interest in things/places like this. O well!! Beggars cant be choosers i guess. Next stop was the Mintaro Maze! pretty damn good for a place that some guy built in his backyard!!! Would be way spooky going through it on a very dark and stormy night with just a torch!! Had a few laughs with us hiding from Kloe, who was being the typical nearly 7 yr old smarty who "knew" her way without getting lost!!! was good for a laugh!!!

Ok first week out of the way!! scott had to go work in Clare on sunday, monday and tuesday of the 2nd week so we bummed a room at the clare country club and lived it up in style while he cooked for us!! LOL. Ah the joy of working for the Conolly Group!!! we had a great time and on the tuesday went for a drive to Burra and morgan on the Murray before heading back to clare, and while scott slept kloe and i hit the shops!! Not a great deal happening so we drove back home and left scott to work another night!!! got home to find our staffy, Bill in quite a bit of pain and his ear was all swollen, and standing straight out. The 2nd trip to the vets was coming upon us!! Scott tok him the next day while I slugged it out at work yet again!! No rest for the wicked or so they say!. turns out that during one of Bill and zac's little play fights Zac had ripped and torn all the blood vessels un poor Bills ear and it was bleeding internally. As he is such an old dog they had to do a battery of tests on him first to see if he would survive surgery. Tests came back fine and another operation was undertaken at the vets surgery. ok so thats like a tad under $1000 in two weeks!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! (sorry to those easily offended but geez!!!!!) Bill is now recouporating at Grandma and poppys because the last thing we need is to bring him home to have Zac ripped the 'bucket' off his head and rip all his ear open again. Asked the vets if i could claim it on my private health insurance. they just laughed! Well they are dependants as far as we are concerned.!!

And work....o my!!! i've had it!!! if we had 20 more rooms we would be able to sell them every day!!!! its been ridiculous!! on one day we had to find 8 guys accomondation. yea right!!! Found two rooms with us (lucky cancellatuons!!) and two others in the whole of Pirie and found the rest of them rooms in Port Broughton. They had one car between 5 of them, and Broughton is 45min drive away!! And thats just one example of the chaos that is work!!! guys on night shift sharing rooms with guys on day shift, guys from america who think they rule the world and we should all bow at their feet!! Another couple of examples. i wont bore you with more. Andjust think I have this until the end of August!! EEK!!!!!!

Ok I'm freezing my butt of in this room typing all this and now blogger wont let me upload photos so will do that hopefully tomorrow!! til then. .........enjoy listening to the DIXIE ROCK girls!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

new stamps.........

OMG OMG OMG!!! My Rhonna farrer stamps arrived in the post yesterday and i have already used them to death!!! is it possible to be in love with a few tiny pieces of clear plastic???? they would have to be my newest obsession, and why not!! they are totally gorgeous!!! Here is two LO's I have used them on so far. one from yesterday and one from today!!
Both for daily challenges at TSH
I wonder what tomorrows challenge will be and whether or not i will be able to incorporate my new toys in again!!!! i'm sure i will manage it!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Up to 99..........

I just went and added up all the LO's that I have done over at TSH and i am up to the magical number 99 for the year!!! Can you believe that??? i know I cant!!! Maybe tomorrow with the daily challenges continuing I might hit the magical 100!! You just never know. here's my two from today. Nothing exciting here, just real basic stuff. One was for distressing and the other was to use circles! Too easy!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chrissy's challenge.......

Chrissy has challenged us to place our favourite LO's we have created from the daily challenges over at TSH. i have enjoyed doing these challenges enormously and I cant choose just one so here are a couple of them.

July challenge use a song title as your title. i chose "Tell me baby" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers!! This is one of my all time favourite photos of Kloe and i just love it extra-large!!! (even though I dislike that rat-tail stuff SO much!!!)

This was the red, white and light blue challenge. Just love this crillon paper courtesy of my tarisota pack!! How gorgeous is it??? kloe and her friends having fun on barrow's beach.And last but certainly not least is the LO using some artwork. I feel this is technically not my LO as such as other than print out the title on a transparecy the rest is Miss Kloe's beautiful drawing of one of her favourite TV shows, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast in Nowhere Land!! i just love it sweetie!! you just love to draw so much and i hope you find as much pleasure in it as you grow up as you do now. please never loose you creative streak!!!

yea..ok i'm back

Yea yea I know its days later but i'm spirit anycase. this is just a quickie entry to put on here the pages that i did with the wonderful Steph in adelaide. i was a tad bit disappointed the 2nd class was cancelled but I still had a gret day.!!

i cant get over how cheeky her smile is getting!! i know i'm biased, but she does have such a gorgeous smile and infectious laugh. Our cheeky little spoggie!!!!