Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My exciting news.....

You all have absolutely no idea how hard it has been to not scream my news from the top of my lungs. i have been bursting at the seams with my special secret since the 10th of November!!! i have absoutely no idea how I havent done some magor damage to myself by keeping this secret in......but now the time has come to share my secret with the world!

Are you ready???

Are you sitting down???

Are you sure you are ready????

Ok here goes........


After doing 11 lots of reproductive treatment over a period of 18 months we got that fabulous phone call only about an hour before scott had to go in to have his tonsil operation. talk about timing!!! So baby has already been to two rock concerts U2 and robbie Williams, had its first Xmas (no alcohol though...i'm a good mummy!!) and its first New year.

Here are a couple of scan photos.

this one is from the 8 week scan we had at repromed in adelaide. it showed two egg sacs but only one with a developed baby in it. Our first look at our little peanut!!!

These two are from our twelve week nuchel fold test scan (for downs syndrome) they are amazingly clear. i was so happy. the top one kloe was allowed to come in and she saw it sucking its thumb. You can kind of make it out in the picture. it was just so amazing!!! And needless to say Kloe was wrapt!!!
We have just found a place in adelaide that does the 4D scans so I told scott thats what i want for my mothers day present!! i want the scans done!! He reluctantly agreed!! (although secretly i think he wants them done too!!)
Ok so thats my news!!!
o yea I'm due July 9th if anyone is interested!!!!!