Monday, June 23, 2008

Time Flies..............

when you are having fun!! Or just when you are so damn busy youdont notice the days flying past!

Can you believe that Flyn is one month old today!! Already!! O my!! Wont be long and he will be at school! I'm serious!

And on Thursday Jack will be one!! OMG!!!!

Well at least i wont be able to say anymore...Yep i have two boys under 1...LOL. Look at that cheeky face! OMG he is suh a character! I just love him to bits! He is going to be one very naughty boy who is going to get away with everything because he is just so darn cute and such a charmer!!

His latest thing is to say "O God!" to everything! I have no idea where he got it from as its not something that any of us say....well not that i have realised or noticed. but he says it as clear as anything! His whole vocabulary has expanded so much over the past few weeks. I just love the way you ask him something and he says "yea", but shakes his head NO! LOL. Then laughs like a loon and squeals at the top of his lungs like a sheila!

He has also now learnt how to climb up on the lounge so basically nothing is safe, including the poor cat who used to lay on the back of the lounge in safety...Not anymore!

He is taking lots of steps, but still isnt actually walking as such. About 4 or 5 steps is his limit then he drops to his knees and crawls as its much quicker for him. he likes to get from A to B as quick as he can! No taking the slow and leisurely course with him!

Ok can hear the small one stirring! He will be demanding food within seconds I can tell!

So posting this now before i forget!
But had better include a photo of the Miss as well or she will complain! LOL

Sunday, June 08, 2008

some photos

Just some recent photos that i thought i would share as i dont really have much to say other far so good!!!

Jack just absolutely loves to kiss Flyn!
Kloe adores her new baby brother and is a fantastic big sister!!
I just love this photo!! it was meant to be of just Flyn but Kloe decided she wanted her mug in it as well and i think it turned out great! I love it! they have the same eyes!