Friday, November 21, 2008

I know.....I know...

i suffer badly from slack bloggers disease! LOL
Well not much is happening around here, justthe same ol, same know the drill!
Ok looking at the last post...bad girls...what a hoot that was!!
i did get kicked off as predicted but i kept doing the other classes in any case. i had a blast! Boy O boy there is some AMAZING talent out there!!!
i was so thrilled to get as far as I did. What an ego boost im telling you!!
Now for another ego boost! Guess who is on Zarah's blog this week?? go on guess!!! ME!!!!!!

Go here to see!! i was so stoked she asked me! What a thrill!!!

And i'm so sad to read she is stopping her sketches for a bit......o no!! but i do understand the needing a break bit!! I hope you arent away for too long zarah!

Ok what else has been happening.....not much! The kids are growing like weeds! Flyn already has his two bottom teeth through.....
Check out these two photos that Kloe took of funny!

And my little Xmas Elf.....he is so cheeky!

Jack is getting SO tall! Think he might be a basketball player!

ok some more exciting news is happening around here...but forthe time being i cant say anymore.....
Just have to go now and prepare for it.......well kind of.......
wish us luck!