Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OMG!!!! I've scrapped.....

with a little bit of help from my friends....LOL.
This is a LO I did in Kim Archers workshop today!!! i'm loving it!!!
Thanks Kim for the great class and hopefully it will get my creative butt into gear!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

bad bad blogger or is that forgetful blogger???

Yep i've been bad.....havent blogged for ages. Believe me its not the only thing i havent done in ages!! i have no energy, i have no desire to do anything, I have absolutely no creative juices flowing (my mojo has well and truly left the building!!), I have taken NO photos (o my god!!!) and I have no excuse for any of it other than I blame the drugs!! All of you out there in blogland that has ever had anything to do with reproductive medicine will all know what I'm talking about!!

I'm constantly drained of everything, I feel constantly bloated beyond capacity, my memory is taking a holiday with my creative mojo ( i truly hope they are having a good time and will be back soon!!). A perfect example is the other weekend i washed a load of clothes, ok boring you say, well I put them in the dryer, yep still boring you say, but then I dont remember doing anything with them! Come monday i was frantic looking for my work clothes. Where the hell were they?? I had myself convinced that someone had broken into our laundry ( its not attached to our house) and stolen my work clothes and all my good knickers and socks. Why would anybody want my clothes was beyond me, but i couldnt find them anywhere, so what else could have happened to them?? well after resigning myself to the fact that they were gone and I would have to buy myself some new ones, i heard a car pull into my driveway on wednesday night. O ok its my dad, but what did he have in his arms??? A basket full of ironing!!! yep my clothes!!! Do i remember taking them up to my mums to iron??? NOPE!!! Not on your nelly!!!

bit scary really!! makes me wonder what else I'm forgetting!!! Was meant to have a blood test today at 8.30, well i remembered at 11.30!!! better late than never i guess.

On another note Scott goes in and has his tonsils out tomorrow! My poor DH going under the knife! I just hope it stops him from SNORING!!!!! its driving me crazy!!!

ok betta go before i forget to post I kid you not!!!