Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not much happening.....

around here. Well nothing new and as exciting as my last post....LOL

Due date is still around the 20th May so only a month to that has gone quick!!! But i'm telling you I am SO OVER it all! The shortest regnancy but also the longest iykwim. I feel like i've been pregnant forever!

Kloe is doing fabbo. Starts netball again in 2 weeks onn May 3rd. Going to be an interesting game on May 10th. Out of the 8 player son her team 7 ofthem have ticket sto High School Musical on Ice in adelaide on that day! i'm guessing they will forfeit!! LOL cant see them wanting to not go so they can play netball! Kloe cant wait! Not long now!! DH still isnt impressed that he has to take her, but with only 10 days to go at that point I dont think i will be able to drive the two and a half hours to Adelaide, sit on a hard plastic seat for god knows how long then drive home again. a word......NO!

Jack is still going great guns. He is now 'crusiing' the furniture and even climbing!! OMG!!! He is so going to be the death of me. how am i going to cope with two of them??? And in 6 more days he will be 10 mths old. Where has that time gone??? He still a little baldy but oh so cute!!

he is forever getting into mischief. you forget how high they can reach when they want to!!! And he just LOVES pulling everything out from drawers and cupboards, anything he can get open! But who could tell him off when he gives you that big cute smile??

What else?? Seriously not much! Was suppose to finsih workk today but have decided to do another week. Well another four days actually, seeing as i have wednesday, thursday and saturday off! LOL thinking of the money and the lack of it soon.....sigh! :(

Been doing a fair bit of scrapping which I'm happy about! i lost my mojo so badly when I was pregnant with Jack but havent so far with this one! just hope I dont lose it after he is born!!

So just sharing some recent stuff, most of it done for the DT team over at Country Papercraft! Such a great bunch to work for and loving my time there!!!!

The first is of kloe and was done for a 'blind scrapping' classs I ran over at CPC. the 2nd is of my mum and was a DT challenge to use flowers and ribbons and a page for Mothers day.

The 3rd one here is of our upcoming new family member. just a whatever thing to do and the 4th is the first challenge from the blog. All of us DTer's from CPC had a go at this one!

And the last one is my favourite one I have done recently. The photo is of Kloe from my brothers wedding but it sdone using the wonderful papers by Kaisercraft and was done the celebrate CPC's 1st Birthday.

Ok not mush else to say so I'm off!! have a good one!