Monday, July 21, 2008

Where do the days go??

Dont ask me because I have no idea!!!

Life is just zooming past at 100kms an hour and I just cant seem to catch up!

i'm trying to get back to work but it is so hard with two young ones. one who is extremely busy all the time, and one who likes lots and lots of attention!!

DH has been really sick with the flu which means i dont really want him to be too close to them, I dont want them sick, and that leaves my mum. Well she is my angel but she is also getting older and I dont expect her to have them all the time. I really dont want to put them both in daycare as then there would be no point in me working, except to be out in the adult world. Money wise it would get all eaten up with fees.

So at the moment i am managing to get back there two days a week, which for the time being is going to have to do.

Just means no extra money for the spoil me things, like scrapping supplies. bugga!!!!

ok enough groaning and to share some photos.

First jacks birthday photos!! Ok so i'm running nearly a month late with them but well you get that!

He so wanted that candle!! o my!!!!

Ok now he is happy he has it!!! LOL he is so cheeky!! boy is he keeping us on our toes now that he is walking everywhere! he has figured out how to open the back sliding door so we have to keep it locked all the time now or he is off out with the dog! You forget how quick toddlers can be!! And I thought he was quick when he crawled!!! o my!!!!

Here are some recent photos of my baby with his big sister! o my he is SO much like her in so many ways its not funny! Its like having Kloe as a baby all over again, although he doesnt scream anywhere near as much as she did!!

But he is so nosey like she was and so 'forward'. he is already holding his head up when laying on his belly and can roll from his back to his side and he isnt two month sold for another two days!

Check out those huge big baby blues!! Just a pity he scored his dad's big ears to go with.....LOL

ok til next time.................