Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm an Auntie!!!

Yea!! Woohoo!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Can you tell I'm excited!!!

its because at long last I'm a new Auntie!!

My brother and his wife had their baby this morning!!

yes at 8.40am weighing in at 7lb5oz a new baby boy made his way into the world!!

Welcome ETHYN JOHN!!! we have all been waiting for you!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some stuff i've done of late.....

Not much happening in my world at the moment. taking each day as it comes...seems to be working! Ultrasound of bubs was good. So far no problems!! yay for that!!! Unfortunately for me the photo machine wasnt working so o pictures! :( they are just a bit concerned with me and my weight loss. yep you read right...weight LOSS!! So far for my whole 32 and a half weeks i have lost 5 kgs!! Not gained...LOST! Woohoo for me!!! 3kgs in the past week!! But seriously its not a good thing and i have to now be monitored even more closely!! o joy O joy!! Dont you just love it! I swear to god it would be so much easier and less stressful if we never went to the drs until it was time to actually give birth! At least i dont have BP problems on top of everything else!
Speaking Of BP problems, i'm constantly thing of my Brother and his wife! Hope everything is fine over there and just think not long now!!! Only a few short days and I will be an official auntie!! yea i cant wait!!!

Kloe is getting more and more excited everyday. her latest thing is to lay with her head resting on my belly at night and she says she can hear my bump breathing and hear the heartbeat. its so cute!!! She has been helping me get the nursery ready as well! She is such a sweetie and a HUGE help!!!

She played another game of netball last weekend and I got to see it!!! Yay!!! The whole game!! they are so funy to watch. Especially when they change ends at each quarter and they dont remember which end to throw to. So funny!!!

here she is shooting a goal. She got two goals again and her team won 4 to 1! Dont you just love the score!! just wish i had the camera around the other way so i got the whole thing in, but it happens so quick and by the time i focus...its all over!!

not much else has been happening! i have been doing quite a bit of scrapping lately! my mojo seems to have returned after a very long abscence. Dont know where it went but glad its back!

here is some recent stuff for you all to look at and i'm chuffing off!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

just a brief update......

Yep thats my bubba bump. Kloe took this photo today so i thought i had better do something with it while i had a spare 10 minutes. It was also for a sketch challenge I had to do so it got me scrapping! Yay! Its not over the top but none of my bubba LO's so far have been. trying to keep them a bit plain jane for a while. See how longthat lasts.

Just thought i would give a bit of an update here. i have been quite absent from a lot of things just lately and I hope you all will understand why.

We are having some dramas with bubs at the moment which is part of the reason for me being so quite. Dramas that we had with Kloe are resurfacing their ugly heads again! Just trying to convince myself that things turned out just fine with her so not to panic about this bundle, but much easier said than done!

Drama o drama!! Getting sick of Drs appointments and specialist appointments and waiting rooms and poking and get the picture i'm sure! And now the whole ultrasound saga is starting again as well. We always said that Kloe loved getting her photo taken because we had SO many ultrasounds when she was inside that she just thinks its a part of everyday life. well its looks like it might just happen again. Got one booked for tuesday of this week, see Dr on wednesday to find out when my next one is.......then the next and i guess then the next......
Glad you only have to pay for your first two now and the rest are free! I've already had my two so yea for me!! LOL

And poor fingers!! Lets just not even go there shall we!

On a much brighter note Kloes arm/shoulder seems to now at long last be mending ok. She played her first game of netball last week and because I couldnt get out of work i missed the whole thing!! Got there jus as the final whistle went! What a bugga!!! And she scored two goals!! And i missed them..O nO!!! O well. She had a bye this week, think her whole team has a bye next week then I have made sure I've marked myself as unavailable for every saturday after that!! Determined to see her play!

ummm....and I think thats about it! Not sure when i will ge back on here for another update could be awhile.........lets just see how things and life pan out for now!