Friday, September 30, 2011

Just one of those days....

Dont you hate it when you have those days that no matter what you do and what you touch it all just goes batcrap??  Sorry but no other way of putting it without totally swearing!
Well today is one of those days!!
But i wont bother you with those dramas as I am sure you are here to find out what the new challenge is over at Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge.
Well this week we have a great theme for you all....WINTER!!!   Easy peasy Japanesy!!
Now if you want to avert looking at a disaster you might want to turn away now and go and look at the AMAZING work of all my fellow DTers to gain some form of inspiration as I am sure my card will not spark your creativeness.
Its just another one of those things today which has gone either totally wrong or nowhere near how I intended it to be.
I wasnt going to actually share it with you all but I thought I would as I know people like to look at tragedy no matter how bad it
So here it is......sigh!  LOL
I wish you could see how it should have looked but that image is still in my head and not made from paper lol

o well i'm sure you all will create something wonderful so lets see it!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just wanting to share my other passion with you all

My other passion...well one of many lol is photography.  i am no pro but a long shot but I do like to dabble so this post is going to be quite heavy with some recent photos.
A friend of mine recently had a baby and I asked if i could take some photos of her sweet bubba.  Its always something i had wanted to do and never had a really decent camera when mine were this little.  Sweet MacKenna is 3 weeks old and he was the most perfect bubba.  Slept the whole time and almost let me do anything with him, except he insisted on having his arm out almost all ofthe
Here are a few of my favourites.

And here are a few of my tinlids from this weekend when we went to look at a friends old trucks that they had recently acquired.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Choices choices choices....

Wow this week has been a week of choices I can tell you!!  So much going on and so little time.  Same ol same ol I tell you.
And guess what this week over at Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge its all about choices as well.  Yes you can choose between three wonderful challenges but you must tell us which one you are picking ok.
1. Buttons & twine

2. Lace & patterned paper

3. Chipboard & dstressing

How does that sound?
Fun right?

REMEMBER to use an image from the Tickled Pink Stamps Line on your project!
What can you win? Up for grabs we have....1 DIGITAL Stamp of your choice!
I Have used Patterned paper and could I not...two of my favourite things  :)

I paper pieced her dress and love how it turned out.  A bit fiddly around the bodice but all good :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Its a ripper.....

of a challenge that is this week at Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge.
Yes we want you to RIP you can interpret this in many a ways and we would love to see it when you do!
You can actually rip something like your cardboard, paper, image etc. etc OR you can interpret this as R.I.P something...............which is suitable considering the whole lot of Spinks & Spooks collection (Lil Lad & Pinkettes) are available for purchase at the Tickled Pink Stamps Store RIGHT NOW until Oct 31 !!
Wowsers and its DIGI week this week so I hope to see lots of new images too, or you can just use your favourite Tickled pink image its up to you!
I have used the gorgeous new Lil Victorian Xmas Lolita Ivy...isnt she uber cute and I love her!

I have used the yummy new Kaisercraft December 25th 6x6 papers and that tag is actually a metal gift tag I brought last xmas from our local Kmart.
yes its an actual proper gift tag that was meant for a
Ahh nothing like recycling!   LOL

Ok so now its your turn...go forth and create!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Chippie chippie chippie...

No I'm not doing a re-run of the Gobbledok (lol who is old enough to remember that!!) I am talking chippie chippie Chipboard!!!
Thats the theme this week at Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge.  Another great easy one as I am sure we all have some chipboard floating around the place somewhere!!  Now in my scrapbooking daze I was never a big fan of  So I really dont have a great lot of it.  i have some nice laser cut wood bits that i have..umm..'collected' lately but thats not really chipboard it??
Anywho I managed to find this small bird I first covered him in paper but he didnt stand out enough, so i flipped him over so you can see the nekkid version in all his brown

i have also used the wonderous new Lil Victorian Christmas Lad Scrooge doesnt he really look like he is saying BAH HUMBUG!!  I love him!!!   Bwahahahahaha!!!!

Paper is from the super yummy new KAiser christmas collection 'December 25th" has some yummy xmas papers in it!!  DAmon is coloured with copics and the sentiment was a freebie from Create with TLC.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Blue + white + Green =

the new Challenge over at Bizzy bec's blog.
Yes you can create anything you want as long as you use these yummy colours...and gorgeous they are together too.

I have used the super cute Kenny K image "Troublemaker' brought to you by Whimsy stamps and available as a pre-order from Bizzy Bec's.
The gorgeous flowers and sheer ribbon are also available from Bizzy Bec's.
Image is coloured using copics, and you guessed it...available from bizzy Bec's.
See one stop shopping at its best!!

Yea running late.....

but I have a good excuse!!  Turns out this 'flu' i have had for about 4 weeks is actually pneumonia!!  Yep no wonder I have been feeling so..well YUK!!! and my cough is no longer just a cough but a weird mating call for elephant seals.  Well thats how it
But now with some double strength antibiotics I feeling a little better...still no where near 100% but maybe running at about 70% now..yay!!
So anyways because of all this I missed last fridays Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge.  But i have since created my card using CARDBOARD, which is this weeks theme and have put it up on the post.
Here it is as well.

now I would love to see yours!