Monday, March 26, 2007

Wedding daze...........

Just wanted to share some photos from our weekend. Kloe and i were both in my brothers wedding. Kloe made a beautiful flowergirl......and i was in there

Before the wedding but after the hair being done! Very rare a photo of me!!!! O MY!!!!

Totally transformed????

Dont ask me why the photo is on this angle......and i hadnt even had anything to drink!!!

Another one of me!!! Boy you guys are getting quite the thrill today arent you!!! LOL
Such a cute photo!! Kloe with the page boy Cooper!! He was totally besotted with her and he wasnt even two!!! he had a bracelett that he was plying with and I love this photo because it looks like he is handing it to her.

Ahh......cutting the cake...its nearly all over guys!! my brother and his new wife!!! (wazza looking a bit worst for wear??? Ya think???)

And finally...............

I just love this photo of Kloe and poppy!!!!
i hope you enjoyed all the photos!!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Well here it first LO of our upcoming miracle.

The title refers to the amount of treatment (eleven) over a period of months (eighteen) that we suffered through reproductive intervention to acheive our pregnancy.

The journalling reads as follows:

It was on the 10th of November 2006 when we got that phone call from Repromed in Adelaide. “Leonie, I have your blood test results”. Ok hit me with it, we failed again didn’t we. Another month down the drain and only one more month to go until it’s all over. But no, that’s not what she said. She said the most magical words in the world. The words we had been waiting to hear for the past eighteen months.
You’re Pregnant!
I couldn’t believe it! I ran in to tell Scott who was getting ready to go into hospital and have his tonsils out. I don’t think he quite believed me. For the next couple of weeks we were walking around on eggshells. Didn’t want to tell anybody but was bursting to all at the same time. But we had been through too much over the past year or so to be hurt again so our lips were kept well and truly fused shut!
On the 3rd of December 2006 we had our last visit with repromed. Sitting in that waiting room, waiting to get called in to see our last scan was agonising. It was almost like being a prisoner on death row waiting for that final walk down the corridor to certain doom. So much was going through my head. What if they had made a mistake and there was nothing there. What if it was just a blighted ovum and my body playing heartless tricks on us? What if it had just never developed into anything and was just a useless ball of cells.
Our doctor came and with it the moment of truth. My last transvaginal scan. Something I wouldn’t be sorry to not have again! And there on the screen in hazy black and white, you appeared. Our little miracle! Your heart was beating so fast and we could see tiny stumps that would develop into your arms and legs. Such an incredibly heart-wrenching and emotional time, and so beautiful to boot! We were told that there was another egg sac in with you but that it was empty. We didn’t mind. You were there and you were healthy and real and I just wanted to hold you in my arms right there and then…..but now the waiting begins.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My slideshow for chrissy......

Chrissy has challenged us to add our favourite top ten Layouts into a slide sow forour here is mine. It was so hard to pick my favourites so i narrowed it down to just being Kloe layouts but then decided to throw in one of Scott so he wouldnt get jealous...LOL

Some Scrapping......

I still dont have much to say.....boring life I lead i tell you!!! Its been terribly hot and horrible and I hibernate when its like not much happens.

Our house reno's are coming along nicely (thank god!) and have actually turned out way better than I had hoped. Now the trick is to get him to finish what he has

Here are some LO's that i created from our impromtu photo shot we had the other day...nothing spectacular by hey i scrapped!!!!