Monday, January 25, 2016

Time to blow off the dust...

Wow 4 long years has past and my poor blog has been neglected all that time.  So much has happened...most not good :(  Life has certainly thrown us a curve ball the past few years.  Just when it seemed to be improving bam knock us down again.  But hopefully now I can see the light at the end of this very long tunnel. Hopefully I can get my head out of this darkness and surface again...

I havent been completely stagnant, but not much crafting has been happening until just recently.  I have had a few years of really concentrating on my photography. But man its been hard dealing with the public and public demands.  i think im over it and have to say that ship has sailed, even though I am sad about that decision its been a long time coming.

I've learnt quite a bit about photography, especially night photography and long exposure.  Totally loving astro photography.
and have been taking images such as this star trail.  I love it and I hope my passion for it never dies.

Kids have been growing like weeds. Kloe is now 16 and has a job and her Learners permit. Last year she traveled overseas to the Philippines with her school. She is growing up a beautiful person right before my eyes.  Jack is 8 and has been having a really hard past few years. his medical issues keep mounting but he has been a real trooper through it all and I hope he continues to do so because he has a long road ahead of him still.  Flyn is 7 and is a real boy!!  he loves being loud and noisy and busy and riding his bike and scooter, plays football for the school and is just an all-round crazy kid.  He drives me nuts but i wouldnt swap him for quids...well maybe...haha

We have added to our family...a beautiful baby girl named Poppy Rose.  She has been amazing and awesome and everything we had hoped she would be....except for the snot she sneezes and the snoring and the hair....everywhere...lucky we love her to bits!!!

I hope to start sharing my artful creations with you all again now.  Although Im not sure how many of you are still here