Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nearly October...

already. can you believe it??

Life is still crazy here. When will it ever be sane in the next 15 years?? probably never!
Not much other than the ususual has been happening!

Jack is a live wire but coming into that O so funny stage! He starting to say more and more words. its so cute! He calls Kloe 'Oeeee" at the top of his lungs! he loves going outside with her, and if she doesnt take him he stands at our back door rattling on it yelling out her name!! cute but also annoying!! And he calls my dad 'Bop' instead of 'Pop" which is just the absolute cutest and my dad loves it! he is such a happy boy and makes everyone around him happy with his funny antics.Chocolate face!!!Love this photo of him! My current fav!

Flyn is growing like a weed. Already 4 months...where has that time gone?? He lays on his belly already starting to push up. digs his feet in! He so wants to be off with the kids out the back playing! Wont be long and he will be! LOL. He is at long last sleeping through the night, although wakes at 5am and thats morning to him! EEEK!!!!!
We have taken to calling him 'Miley!" have a look at that smile!!! And its on his face all the time!!

OMG how cute is this photo! makes me laugh everytime i see it! He so funny already!
And kloe .....well she never changes just gets bigger now!She has just started School holidays for two weeks, so wil be driving me crazy with....I'm bored, what can we do. Do you have to scrapbook all the time. Stop taking photos of me......You know the drill. Never ending whinging! LOL She is doing really well at school, passed her LAN test with flying colours so that was a big relief! She starts basketball again after the holidays, but as yet we havent heard what days she is playing , who her coach is or anything!!!
My fave photo ofher at the moment!
Her latest self portrait! No idea why she loves taking photos of herself but hates me doing it! She a dag like the rest of them! LOL

Ummm..what else?? o i had a visit from a very crazy lady who drove for 11 hours to see me!! Over the roughest roads in Australia (otherwise known as the birdsville track!) and some of the mostbeautifuliest countryside 9outback SA and the Flinders Ranges!! lucky i love her or i would have had her commited!! She blew two tyres and was stuck on the side of theroad for over an hour, but she got here. it just wasnt long enough time to spend together!

She brought her kids with her and all the kids got on really well! i was worried they wouldnt as

hers as boys and mine is a girl and two babies. but nope all was great!

Jack had to sneak into this photo! LOL he was Corey's little dude!!

And Scott took Matt out fishing and gave him theexperience of a lifetime Spencer Gulf stlye! Feeding wild dolphins by hand!!!

ok will be back later to update some more and to show you what i have been doing! Off to work now!....o yea did i mention I'm now back at work full time! CRAZY!!!!!!