Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some recent photos.....

Ok here are some recent photos in no particular time frame order. i'm to lazy to sort them out

Friday, August 17, 2007

those photos....

Ok so it has been like......FOREVER!! but i have eventually figured out how i can get photos off my phone. i can email them to myself from my phone!! And while i'm on a months free trial of this I might as well take advantage. So heres the photos of jack in the humidicrib. Well some of them! I took lots but wont burden you with them all. Now remember they are off a phone camera so not that great a quality! The first one is taken with my phone and the other two with Scott's.

On the upside jack is doing so much better!. he is at long last starting to gain weight. We can really see it in his little face! Starting to get chubby cheeks and the beginning of a double chin!! So cute!!! But such a huge relief as well!! He is still skinny in his body though, and looks like a skinned rabbit when naked!! Being really long doesnt help matters either!

But onwards and upwards from here. Now to do another post with more recent photos!!