Monday, May 26, 2008

HE"S HERE...............

Yep the newest member of our household has arrived safe and sound albeit VERY quickly!! Although after walking numerous laps of the hospital corridors ALL afternoon it didnt seem a short tim eto me and my friend Nicole!
Thanks hun for walking with me! Not that it did ANYTHING!!! Waste of time but we had a good gossip and stuff while

Anyway on with the news of the hour!

FLYN DAVIES arrived safely at 6.12pm on May 23rd after a very brief 1hour and 12 min labour! Yep i know how to get them out when they are a coming!! LOL

He weighed in at 7lbs 8oz or 3406gms. So the biggest out of all my bubbas but the quickest!

he was 52cms long. Not sure what that is in inches and I'm too tired to sit and work it

Ok so here is some photos and I'm off to contemplate life.......and the chaos that is now my life!! LOL

Just arrived......Having some skin on skin cuddles with mum under the blanket
Ok so I'm a day old now!!! What mischeif can i get up to?? ummm......thinking.......

Just the three of us!!! Watch out Mum!!