Sunday, April 23, 2006

Must be feeling better..I Scrapped

Well after being almost flat on my back for a week with the dreaded lurgy I went to the doctor yesterday to find out that i have Sialoadenitis. Its an inflamation of the glands in my neck. They are so swollen and infected that they have cut off my ear canal so I cant hear a thing in my left ear!! So double strength antibitics are the go and after just 3 of them I'm now able to sit upright and feel heaps better, although i still cant hear!!

i'm feeling so much better that i even managed to scrap today!! Took me all day but hey at least I got it done!!! i have used products from my new tarisota collection. it arrived on wednesday but I just wasnt up to even opening the box!! Does that tell you how sick I was?? love all this pack and wanted to use it straight away, so here it is!!
Getting photos of scott is almost as hard as getting photos of me!! But this is Kloe and scott at the triple J one night stand concert!! loving these new lines from SEI and Scenic Route. the flowers are also the new Prima range that i got from the states. Spiffy, Chi-Chi and Frou Frou. Gorgeous colours and I just love these flowers!!! Cant wait til i get get them here, so i can buy a whole bottle of them rather than just have a small sample pack of about 30!!
Kloe has been the perfect child over the past week. Although today the boredom is really kicking in!! While I've been sick she has been an angel disappearing for hours out the back in her cubby and playing with the dogs, but today after she has realized that mum's feeling better she is trying to get me to do things that I still feel I'm not quite uo to. Going to Tamatown on the computer with her this morning and watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2 this afternoon (twice!)has been about my limit!! I hope I'm feeling even better by tuesday as I promised to take her to see Ice Age 2. Sitting in a theatre with all those kids is not my idea of fun when I'm still feeling a little bit whoozzzzzyyyyyy!!! in my head! But as we missed going to see Nanny McFee last week I had better not miss IA2.
Have just found out from scott that my bosses wife has now been in labour for over 43 hours and has at long last decided that yes they can break her water to speed things up. Silly woman!! Makes me thank god that my labour only lasted 1 hour 45 minutes total from go to whoa!!
He also said that he has got Friday off so I have managed to swap a few things around and so hopefully we can do something as a family on friday. Thinking of going to Adelaide and perhaps taking Kloe to the zoo, where we havent been since she was 3. My friend nicole went today with her two sweeties and said the gorillas were fabbo. Kind of want to go visit IKEA too now that it is opened in Adelaide.
Ok think i have been sitting here for a bit long as the room is starting to sway and spin a little bit. think its back to the lounge and the fire for awhile.

Must just show you this pic I took of Kloe on easter sunday. She reminds me of The Cat In The Hat!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter and the dreaded lurgy...

Well I'm back after the easter break. Although it hasnt been an overly good easter break in our household. Scott got the flu sometime last week and over easter has proceeded to give it everyone else.
I could feel it coming on saturday morning but when I woke up sunday morning I felt as if i had just done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!! Not good I tell you. to make things worse I had to work all day from 8am til 4pm. Yuk!! i was like a zombie. Scott had taken his mum to adelaide to watch the Power get their butts kicked, so Kloe had to go up my mums. Now for those who dont know my mum is a chronic asthmatic so really didnt want her to get this flu or she would end up with pneumonia and be in hospital for a month, so I just dropped Kloe off out the front on their house, bit rude on easter sunday, but i rang her once I got to work and explained the situation. Come 4 o'clock I was in a terrible state and just wanted to die.
easter monday found me worse again, but couldnt find anyone willing to do my shift, so it was off to work I go with NO VOICE!!!! horror of horrors!!! lucky it was only a short shift and i was home by midday!! i feel into bed and didnt get out until about 1pm on tuesday!! checked my emails to find over 1000 from all the groups I'm in. EEEKK!!!!
Today is now wednesday and even though i'm still not 100% at least I now have my voice back and can sit upright for longer than 10 minutes without feeling I'm on some kind of roller coaster.

Geez!! Wasnt that an interesting blog entry???

Friday, April 14, 2006

Piries one night stand with triple j..

LAst night i went to one of the best things that has ever happened to Port Pirie. Triple J hosted their One Night Stand here!! Woohoo. It was Kloes first ever "rock" concert as well and from how much fun she had i'm sure it wont be her last!! She was the total "rock chick'. Sitting up on my shoulders and rocking in the mosh pit!! the acts were Sector 12 (a local band) who were surprisingly very good. then there was The Herd who did an amazing rap version of redgums classic, 'I was only 19". now i'm not a big rap fan at all but it was amazing!! it might have been the atmosphere, i dont know, but it was awesome!!!

Then the most amazing musician came on. Xavier Rudd!!. i have to be honest and say that I have NEVER heard of him before, but today, after listening to him last night, came home and blew my whole itunes card on downloading his newest album!! I was saving it for the new chili peppers album but will now have to buy another card. Its all loaded on my ipod and i'm bopping way as we speak!! then came some DJ, cant remember what his name was but we walked around and got donuts and drinks because he did nothing for me. Than at 8.40 came the part we were all waiting for THE LIVING END!! They rocked the oval!!!!We spent four songs in the mosh pit before it got a bit scary. me, all 5'3" of me with a 20kg kid on my shoulders who was rocking her heart out, getting pushed and shoved from all sides, and beside we had to leave fairly soon because she still had to go to school today! much to her disgust!! The people were packed in so tight it took us about 10 minutes to get out!! She was so angry when we had to leave and didnt speak to me the whole way home.
She has made us promise now that when the chili peppers tour next we are taking her. i agreed but had my fingers crossed!! i dont mind taking her to things like last night that was free but i'm not sure on paying for a concert ticket for a 6 year old. When the chili's toured last our tickets cost $130 each for the chili bowl (mosh pit!).

Thursday, April 13, 2006

more photos ...

Just a couple of more photos from last night. kloe and scott before he had to laeve and an amazing shot i got of the sky diver sideshow ride. I was most impressed with how it turned out!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

nearly forgot..took this photo of the magnificent sunrise this morning. the joy of being up at 5.30!! even though i'm not officially doing any challenges this month at TSH i'm pretty sure there was one that involved a sunrise or sunset. Might just have to do it if i can find some time.....

the art of relaxation 101...

i took this photo this afternoon. My god no one can relax like a cat can they!! Dont you just wish you could lay in a position like this and be comfortable?? I mean who wouldnt want to be able to twist so much that your head is nearly up your bum..honestly now!!!
Well today has been so warm that our dragon has come out from underneath his rock and is trying desperately to catch the last few rays of the sun. He is so cute in an alien reptilian kind of way!! the dogs are sprawled out on the back lawn doing the same thing. i'm sitting here having one hell of a hot flush so i feel like stripping off and go jump in the pool but its not quite that warm!!
Rang my pecialist back and the news isnt great, but at the moment I'm still trying to think positive good thoughts so am not trying to think about what she had to say much until i have to go and see her which isnt until May 3rd.
but on the good news front I had a good phone call regarding my BT from yesterday. my hormone levels are at an all time high so fingers crossed. Another injection on thursday morning and another BT then another injection on Sunday then its the waiting game for the last time. So blubbering idiot time on thursday and sunday. think I can handle it!!
i have to work tonight. ..Yuk!! But hey money is money. kloe is excited because it means that she gets to sleep up grandma and poppys. She is just a bit miffed that they dont have austar so no watching her fav shows tonight!! And hopefully i'm home in time to watch the amazing race. Can always catch it on fox8+2 I guess at 11 if i do miss it.

Monday, April 10, 2006

am loving this song...

just have to thank Chrissy again!! I'm so loving this song. i hope you all dont mind listening to the chili peppers, but its my favourite song at the moment. i cant wait til their new double album comes out!!!

It was a better day....

I have had a much better day today, thank God!.
After last night anything could have been better!! My stomach was so bloated and so sore that i couldnt sit down. All Kloe wanted me to do was sit and watch narnia with her, even though we had already seen it at the cinema, she got it in the post on friday and SO wanted to watch it. It was impossible. Even tried watching it laying down on the bed but that was no better. Thankfully it got better as the night went on.
On a much brighter note i got to speak to the lovely Chrissy on the phone. She helped me to add the video clip you are listening to. thanks so much Chrissy!! It has made me want to go to SWIG even more now that i have actually spoken to someone.
And speaking about Scrapping i even did a page today. my March page on Kloe. I got a bit carried away with the flowers, but they kind of took on a life of their own!. I got the idea from a LO i saw on 2peas a week or so ago. I thought i had saved it but couldnt find it on my puter anywhere, so I just did it from memory!! I'm so loving that PP. Its from the basic grey baby girl range. So loving it!!! the scan isnt great because of the large 'bling' but you get the general idea!!

Hmm..change of pace!. just checked the phone for messages as I'm always forgetting to do that and there is one on there from my speciallist in adelaide. She wants me to ring her tomorrow and even gave me her mobile phone number. that cant be good... Ok the hormones are kicking back in and i'm off to have a cry while Kloe is still out the back playing.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

me being miserable and depressed.....again

Well I have to say that i have had one hard day!! work was long, slow and horrible. To make things worse i had my trigger injection of 5000iu of HCG and my stomach is very bloated and sore. i feel ike a huge big baluga whale walking around. it hurts so much to sit down. It had better work this time. Last time we are doing it. if it doesnt work thats it. Kloe is forever an only child. breaks my heart but I'm doing my best. have prayed and shoot myself full of more hormones than a person can bear and its the best i can do. just doesnt seem right. But in hindsight we have been blessed with Kloe, which is more than some, so is it right to be greedy, or just be happy with what we have got? well in 14 days we will know one way or the other. Another Bt to look forward to in the morning, wowee! its pretty sad when all the girls at the lab know me now. Think I have had enough Bt's to last me a lifetime too!! my veins will not be sad to see the end of it all.
Ok Kloe is bellowing for food so I had better go and accomodate her!!

starting again...

Well i have tried doing a blog before but it kind of went by the way side so here i go trying again. I used to keep a diary religiously as a kid so i dont know why i find it so hard to now add something to this every couple of days. hopefully i will be a good girl this time and try and keep it going for longer than a couple of posts!! fingers crossed.

i love reading everyone elses and so hopefully people will find mine a little bit interesting as well..

Well i'll have to play a bit later, its time to take Kloe up grandmas and go to hoo. Not fair!!