Tuesday, July 25, 2006

school holidays, vet visits, smelters shutdown....

AARRGGHHHHHH...........stop the world!! i want to get off!!! OMG!! where have the past few weeks gone??? School holidays came and went in a blur, we have had too many visits to the vet and spent WAY too much money of the stupid dogs (still love them dearly though!!), and all this with work being absolutely phenomenal with the shutdown happening at the smelters!!

ok where to start?? ok first visit to the vet i think. Good place to start i think. zac.....o my has he been a big hassle. why o why did we get a labrador??. ok his visit to the vets in the week before the school holidays was all because his mouth is too big for his butt!!! If thats not enough information for you all, then lets just say he ate a bone that was a bit too big to come out the other end. get the picture now??? first lot of surgery!!! Cost??? Way too much!!!!

kloe on school holidays next!! Scott also on holidays!!! for those of you who know all about their relationship will understand and i need not comment further!! In truth it wasnt anywhere near as bad as i imagined. no blood was shed, just a few of my nerves!!!! It was the 2nd week of the smelters shutdown for me and chaos was the order of each and everyday!!! i managed to swindle a day off though and we did a trip down to Clare and Mintaro. We visited martindale hall (for those of you who are fans of the movie Picnic at hanging Rock, its the house they used as the school in the movie!). totally gorgeous old house, but not much fun when you look through the whole place in about a half hour flat!! i kid you not!! scott doesnt hold much interest in things/places like this. O well!! Beggars cant be choosers i guess. Next stop was the Mintaro Maze! pretty damn good for a place that some guy built in his backyard!!! Would be way spooky going through it on a very dark and stormy night with just a torch!! Had a few laughs with us hiding from Kloe, who was being the typical nearly 7 yr old smarty who "knew" her way without getting lost!!! was good for a laugh!!!

Ok first week out of the way!! scott had to go work in Clare on sunday, monday and tuesday of the 2nd week so we bummed a room at the clare country club and lived it up in style while he cooked for us!! LOL. Ah the joy of working for the Conolly Group!!! we had a great time and on the tuesday went for a drive to Burra and morgan on the Murray before heading back to clare, and while scott slept kloe and i hit the shops!! Not a great deal happening so we drove back home and left scott to work another night!!! got home to find our staffy, Bill in quite a bit of pain and his ear was all swollen, and standing straight out. The 2nd trip to the vets was coming upon us!! Scott tok him the next day while I slugged it out at work yet again!! No rest for the wicked or so they say!. turns out that during one of Bill and zac's little play fights Zac had ripped and torn all the blood vessels un poor Bills ear and it was bleeding internally. As he is such an old dog they had to do a battery of tests on him first to see if he would survive surgery. Tests came back fine and another operation was undertaken at the vets surgery. ok so thats like a tad under $1000 in two weeks!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! (sorry to those easily offended but geez!!!!!) Bill is now recouporating at Grandma and poppys because the last thing we need is to bring him home to have Zac ripped the 'bucket' off his head and rip all his ear open again. Asked the vets if i could claim it on my private health insurance. they just laughed! Well they are dependants as far as we are concerned.!!

And work....o my!!! i've had it!!! if we had 20 more rooms we would be able to sell them every day!!!! its been ridiculous!! on one day we had to find 8 guys accomondation. yea right!!! Found two rooms with us (lucky cancellatuons!!) and two others in the whole of Pirie and found the rest of them rooms in Port Broughton. They had one car between 5 of them, and Broughton is 45min drive away!! And thats just one example of the chaos that is work!!! guys on night shift sharing rooms with guys on day shift, guys from america who think they rule the world and we should all bow at their feet!! Another couple of examples. i wont bore you with more. Andjust think I have this until the end of August!! EEK!!!!!!

Ok I'm freezing my butt of in this room typing all this and now blogger wont let me upload photos so will do that hopefully tomorrow!! til then. .........enjoy listening to the DIXIE CHICKS..you ROCK girls!!!!!!!!

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Lee said...

Oh leonie what a busy time you have had....

LOL about the dog & the bone and you poor thing with the multi vet trips - they don't miss a pinch on the pocket do they!!

Loving your bloggie banner too btw - most lush!


Lee :)