Friday, February 18, 2011

Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge #7

Yes I know I'm running late and i sincerely apologise.  Life has been nothing short of not even close to being controlled KAOS!!!!  My mum got put in hospital and wow life just collapsed.  You see I work full time, have three kids, 2 of them under 4 years old and my mum is my baby sitter...eek!!!!  So I'm sure any mother out there can just imagine the shambles my life has been the past 3 days!!!  I normally get up in the mornings, get myself ready for work as I start at 7.30am, then wake kids up and throw them in the car and drop off at Grandma's, who then gets them dressed , breakfast etc..and K catches the school bus from there...sheesh  easy peasy right...well now I have to get them all up early get them dressed and fed all before 7.10am at the latest...eeek!!!!
So anywho I just completely forgot to post this last night..well to tell you the truth I had completely forgotten what day it is not even thinking about stuff i have to do on certain days...arrgghhh!!!

ok ok enough of my  On with the challenge!
Now this week we have come up with something a little different...we want you to use FABRIC on your creation!!! cool is that??  you can use it how ever you like, make some flowers, especially those cool rolled ones that seem to be the rag atm..or come up with something else.  Now I found this scrap of material in my stash from when i used to do quilting..I thought OMGoodness thats bright...I LOVE it!!  Had to use i just sewed a patch onto my card as if it was designer paper...simple!!

i hope you like my colourful card.  i havent done bright colours in a while and it FELT GOOD!!!
Ok enough rambling......I cant wait to see what you come up with!!

O and you can find the challenge
Brain still not with it!


Bec said...

Awww, this is adorable Leonie.. I love the Bright Colours.. Bec xx

Chrissy said...

WOW!! Bright and summery and beautiful.Love it

Sonya said...

Your card is adorable Leonie, I've no idea how you found the time, or the energy to create this when your life sounds so so busy! I hope you mum is okay and back on deck soon, else you might be the one in hospital! Do remember to take time out to breathe!
Thank you so much for the lovely comments you popped on my card, that takes time as well, and Im sure you have quite enough to do.
the 'trellis', is part of a Prima Felt Gate found here..

Karen said...

Oh Leonie, I hope your mum is feeling better soon!! Your card is so cool, I love all the bright colours and that fabric WOW!!!