Friday, May 27, 2011

When things go wrong.....

Well they say when things are going to go wrong they will and so far this week I have had my fair share of things that have been going wrong .  I had scheduled three posts for this week and they have all disappeared from my blog list.  Not just didnt show up but are not there at all.  My DT work for Stamptacular that I scheduled Sunday morning didnt show up sunday night.  The one for Bizzy Bec's has gone walk abouts and the one for Tickled Pink has just disappeared off the face of the earth.  i know I scheduled them as I knew I was going to be crazy busy this week and then blogger goes and eats them...arrgghhhhhh!!!!

ok so to follow this rant there will be three really quick posts.  I hope you enjoy...if they turn up!

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