Wednesday, August 30, 2006

where did august go....?????

Ok..who stole august???? Where has it gone??? Come on fess up, someone stole august right from under my feet while my back was turned. Boy O boy this month and this whole year is flying by!! I guess the fact that august is such a busy busy month around here doesnt help matters either!
Highlights of this month were:

My god!!! My baby turned 7. can you believe it??? only seems like yesterday I was stuck in hospital with my wings clipped wating for her to make her entrance and when she did, she did it with the speed of a japanese electric train, and her whole life so far has kept going at that speed!!! MY BABY IS NOW OFFICIALLY A TWEEN!! No longer a baby or little girl and not yet a teenager (boy am i dreading those years with her moods lately!!). Stuck in between!!!

Then it was MIL's bday before i blinked. She turned 70!! and today is my mums birthday. Happy birthday mum!!!!

What else has been happening??? Umm.. I've done a few trips to adelaide to have some more lessons with the ever so fabulous Steph!!! We got chatting about PS and before long we were swapping actions and brushes and its been wild!! i just love all the great things you can do with it. I've been on a bit of a mission finding all these really cool brushes. Just love all the swirly-twirly ones and some of the grungy ones.

While in town i met up with the gorgeous marilyn!! A real true to life aussie layouts gal in the flesh!!! And what a lovely lady she is!! We have already signed up for more classes together!! Last weekends we went for two classes and had so much fun, laughing and giggling and discussing that gorgeous hunk of a man, Hugh Jackman!!! that we didnt get the second lesson finished!! Ooopss!!! o well as long as we were having fun!!!! this photo of marilyn and me was taken by Steph! The whole thing looks so much better IRL. Sometimes the scanner just doesnt quite get the colours and the whole thing quite right! And i swear it always adds a couple of extra chins to my face. Eeek!!! Why is it i never really feel the weight until I see a photo of me and then realise how much weight the drugs have really stacked on me. o god!!! Woo is me and all that dribble!!!

But i musnt feel sorry for myself. there is always someone out there who is so much worse off. even with all this extra weight i'm carrying around, i still have my health and the health of my family. I've realised this more than ever in the past couple of days. My friend ( and yes i do consider all my online family my friends) Mel is the strongest person i know. if you are reading this and dont know of her plight please go and read her blog and then you will know what I'm talking about. My heart goes out to her and her family, and her precious baby girl Princess Rani!! Mel you have more strength and courage of any person i know. this past weekend i have been constantly hugging my baby girl (even though shes now a tween!!) and thanking god for her and for her perfect health to continue well into her old age. you just never know how lucky you are.

Please everybody who reads this say a little prayer for Rani. no matter how small

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