Friday, September 29, 2006

here, there .....everywhere?????

im still here, or am I there...or am I everywhere...I think as of lately I feel like I am everywhere.
So due to everything that has been going on and everything that continues to go in daily life I am behind on blogging, e-mails, laundry, and life. :) At times when I begin to feel overwhelmed I start to question everything that I do..It makes me want to put everything into check, to get a better balance on things. Including this blog. Should I keep going with this or just let it go for the time being..that is the question..I am not for sure that I even know the answer yet..

I do know that I love being able to type out my thoughts and feelings. It has definitely been rewarding. Like a journal of sorts..recording the happenings of daily life, the thoughts of a moment..the photos that tell my story..
So seeing as I don’t have the time to share my thoughts or do the tag thingy (which I will get to I promise Lee…sooner or later)…heres some photos I wanted to share….

Ok own up..who stole my baby???

Who is this 'tween' who got her hair straightened at the hair-dressers today??

OMG!! next it will be eye-brow waxes and bikini waxes...OUCH!!

Whoever stole my baby ...I want her back.....I'm not ready for this.


Chrissy said...

I love blogging for the very same reason Leonie, the beauty is you can update when it suits, I have so much fun checking out your lovely LOs and sweet girl on here!

Chrissy xx

stephdevlin said...

Leonie, I feel the same about Emma and she is only 3.....Where has my baby gone. We never want them to grow up. Make sure you post that layout you did on Saturday of that bottom photo with the attitude. She is just gorgeous.
Steph x