Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My emotions on this sad day......

A LO I did the other day to help me with my emotions. Dont think it worked but hey I tried!! Hey Steph! If youread this, the photo is another one of my bathroom photos!! Not bad hey!!! Shayne I know you will read this at sometime, I hope you can read the journalling. You know its me dont you!! I havent changed much over the years have I. I never got 'tough'. Still a big wuss!!!

And today is a specially sad day. Princess Rani's funeral is today at 2.30 SA time. We all are planning on lighting a pink candle for her. I hope if you read this in time, you will too. You might not know her, but if you are a parent you couldnt possibly imagine what she is going through, so light a candle not just for Rani, but for her brave parents Mel and John,and for her siblings, Josh and Teagan who are all incredibly brave as well. May you Rest In Peace Princess Rani and forever fly with the Angels.

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steph devlin said...

Leonie, Awesome layout hon. It would have to be one of my favs that you have done.

On a sadder note, my heart is with Princess Rani. My prayers are with her family. So sad.

Steph xo