Sunday, December 03, 2006

still not much to say.....

its been nearly a month and i still dont have a great deal to say.....sad isnt it!

Well what has happened in the past month???

Scott had his tonsils out, he recovered well, surprise surprise!!

We went to see U2 which was amazing!!! Was just a huge pity about where our seats were but hey !, the tickets were free, so no use in complaining!! we were on the 3rd teir of setting i the members stand. The echoing from the stand was shocking! you would have the music come past you and then bounce back off the roof of the stands!! Terrible, you couldnt understand a word that Bono was saying.... :(. I was also sad because i never took my camera. It said no cameras on the ticket so i didnt risk taking mine. Nearly every second person had a camera!!! They didnt even check you when you went through the gates!! i was SO peeved!! O well...we were so far away and on such a weird angle the photos wouldnt have been much stick in any case!.

what else???

Got to see scan photos of my future neice or nephew! That was pretty cool.

I did this for them. The photo looks a bit dark in the scan of the page but IRL is much easier to see!

Not much else to report...o yea we had baby bunnies born. We had 7 born but have only 2 left. the heat here has been terrible. We had temps up past 40 degrees and it was only November!!!

Anyway here are a couple of pics of the babies.

Kloe has named them Diddy and Diddilina! For those who dont know they are Japanese cartoon characters, a bit like Hello Kitty, but are male and female mice! kids!!! We are not keeping them though so I dont know why she named them!!

Off to adelaide tomorrow for a doctors visit at repromed, then on tuesday ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!!! i so cant wait!!! So a very busy week. I am going to be so tired come wednesday!!! but hey Robie is SO worth it!! And thank god we have way better tickets!! we have oval A tickets which is basiclly the Mosh Pit!!! I want to get some great photos!!! Is going to be hard to stand all that time but will be so worth it!!! And hopefully we wont get that horrible echo like we did with U2.

Ok betta dash.....hopefully i wil be back on wednesday with Robbie photos.......


Tassie Deb said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous lo Leonie :) Love the pics of Kloe too - gosh I must not show Mitchell or else he will want a rabbit :)

Sorry that the U2 concert was not up to what you expected and I really hope that Robbie is even better :)

Goodluck with the Dr appt.

Talk real soon
TD xoxoxoxo

Peta..xx said...

what a bugger about your U2 seats, but at least you can say you were there though...
i'll have to catch up with you (via email of course, lol) before the weekend to see how Robbie went... 5 more sleeps and i can say IM THERE!!!!!!!!!!

Kloe is so photogenic and what a cute little rabbit she has there, our's are all black, boy do they eat...

Hope your Dr's visit went well today and sorry to hear about Scott having his tonsils out, but lucky for him he recovered well...

Thanks for sharing the LO with the photo of your new neice/nephew-to-be.. Looking forward to see more of his/her LO's...


Anonymous said...

wasnt robbie awesome

oh those bunnies are cute, cant wait till we move to NSW - i can have a bunny

Heiki said...

Those baby rabbits are so cute (and so is Kloe!)! So how did you enjoy Robbie? I heard he was pretty good! Congratulations on your DT position, too.Hope you had a fantastic Christmas.

Shelley said...

Wow Leonie,
Love the LO of the newbie Niece/Nephew. Gorgeous pics of Kloe with the little bunny too.
Take Care,
Shelley Turner.