Saturday, December 30, 2006

robbie williams..better late than never!!

Ok I know I promised to get back on here.....well i'm back albeit nearly a month later...whoops, where did december go in anycase???

Now Robbie Williams...where do I start??? He was absolutely awesome!!! Would have to say it was the best concert EVER!!! His energy was non-stop from go to whoa!! He loved playing with the crowd, he loved showing off his chest (thank you god!!), and his singing just couldnt be faltered. have I ever mentioned how much I just love him??? Such a hunk of a man!! And my height to boot!! What more could a woman want?

Here are some photos. Most of my photos didnt turn out really great which kind of peed me off. Not sure what the problem was.....he always seemed out of focus but everything else was fine. Strange! Also probably didnt help that I'm a totally short ass and had to hold camera above my head to be able to get some shots...he he he. but then the ever so fabulous Julie sent me some great one sfrom the brisbane concert.

1 comment:

Peta..xx said...

at least you took your camera Leonie.. i didn't... :o(
I was too worried about it getting taken off me, so i didn't chance it AND i ended up being only 3mtrs away from him and could of taken 1000's..
oh well, his image lives on in my mind & my heart.... lol

YES, he was excellent, hey...
Oh, i have some photos from a friend too, so i'll email them to you if you would like?!! you can never have too many.... :o)