Sunday, April 22, 2007

April Happenings.....

O My where to start?? I have to try and start blogging more regularly but i just never seem to find the time....and I guess the time factor thingy isnt going to get any better over the coming months is it??

Ok well April started off fairly routinely....then came easter. On Good Friday we had Kloe up at our local hospital all afternoon. She fell off her scooter the night before but never really complained about any injury until the next day. She was saying her shoulder hurt so we took her up to get it sussed out because it didnt feel quite 'right' and it sounded disgusting. this real crunching clicking sound...YUK! Well it turns out that she had a fractured shoulder blade. She had cracked the bit they call the 'neck' of the scapula up near her neck. So she had to have it in a sling. Luckily she wasnt in much pain with it!.

Easter Saturday Scott and I went to see THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS in adelaide! they were awesome!! Anthony is just so gorgeous!!!

Easter Sunday we went to Bundaleer Forest Easter Egg hunt. Yep she hunted for eggs broken wing and all!!!

The rest of Easter was uneventful, thank god!

My brother and SIL came back from their honeymoon and went and got their 3D scans done in Adelaide, so I got to see some photos of my future neice or nephew. Nope they didnt want to find out what it is!! Spoil spoilts!!!

Pretty Amazing arent they!!! (i have since had mine done but will put them in a separate post!)

Kloe is now on school holidays. Scott took the first week off as well and they have done lots and lots of fishing!!! Kloe caught the biggest whiting one night and was SO proud of her self!!

The photo is pretty average but it is from Scotts phone!! And thats about it for April so far.......


heike said...

Those 3D scans are amazing. Can't wait to see your's. :)

Robyn said...

Not a bad photo from the phone!