Saturday, June 30, 2007

He's here......He's here.....

Ok so they eventually decided on a date for me......after changing it about a million times. Tuesday 26th was the date. The sugar and UTI was just too out of control to warrant keeping bubs in any longer. Was making me sick and bubs sick so better out than in!!!

Warning!!! The following description may be a little graphic!! read on at your own risk!! LOL

Was booked in for an inducement at 7.30am. Dr didnt come until nearly 9! Typical!! Did an internal and decided that he wouldnt insert any gel, he would just stretch, sweep the membranes and see if I would start on my own. He was worried about having to do a caeserian if it came to that because the paed's dr wouldnt be here until wednesday morning! And being a gesty baby, there was significant risks involved. So he did the sweeping! HELLO!!! Man did that hurt!!! Could have pre-warned me!!!

Ok for the rest of the day he wanted me to walk around and not lay down. see if we could get things happening! well that was exciting!! I couldnt leave the ward because if I did I couldnt get back in without buzzing the desk and they get a bit peed off with that fairly quickly, so it was pacing the corridors and walk back and forth in my room! Excitement plus! NOT!!!

So that went on for most of the day. i was getting a few twinges but nothing much and the mid-wife kept checking on me but nothing was happening and I was getting cheesed off because I wanted it to be over!! Grrrr!!!!

Just after 4ish the dr called back in to see how I was going. i had dilated to about 3cms. Whoopee chook!!! So basically nothing. He said he would let me go a bit longer and maybe he might break my waters about 8pm if nothing was happening! I was mega peed off!! Had been there all day and for nothing!! i think he knew i was miffed because he came back about 15 mins later and gave me the choice of getting it going now or waiting til the morning! Well I'm sure you can guess what my decision was!!

So at nearly 5pm he broke my waters. YAY!!!! scott left it was all too much for him poor boy!! So off I went walking the corridors again. My friend came up to visit me just before 6 and went for a walk with me. By the time i got back to my room ten minutes later, my contractions were less than 2 minutes apart!! When i go in to labour I dont mess around!!! I rang my mum on the way to the labour room! GET HERE NOW OR YOU ARE GOING TO MISS IT!!! Was what i yelled at her between contractions. My friend helped me walk the short distance. She came for a visit and got the floorshow!! By the time my mum got there I was already pushing!!

JACK NICOLIN was born at 6.54pm on Tuesday 26th June 2007! After a brief 2 hours and 2 minute labour!! He weighed 6lb 12 ozs or 3064 gms. HC was 33cms (so really tiny head!!) and length was 51cms or 21 inches! He one long and skinny little boy!!! But o so sweet!! The doctor didnt make it and neither did the student mid-wife! All that was present was the wonderful Genivieve (mid-wife), Trudi (head of ward), my mum, and my friend Sue who decided to stay! Which was good because she grabbed my camera and started taking photos even though she didnt have her glasses and really couldnt see that great! She was just pointing and shooting! Thanks agin for that Sue!!

Here he is!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your gorgeous new arrival Leonie, Scott and Kloe. He looks beautiful!!
Hugs to you all.

Mish said...

Lone, he is absolutely gorgeous.... and how lucky were you that Sue thought to start snapping away!!! Some great first photos you have there...

Again, congratulations to you, Scott and big sister Kloe! I know he will bring you many years of laughter, tears, happiness and heartache, but it is all so worth it!

Treezah said...

Leonie, Scott and Kloe, congrats on such a beautiful beautiful baby boy!! absolutely marvelous!!..
the photo's are just divine and i love the one of him with his sooky face..sign of times to come i guess LOL..
enjoy him while he's small, because once he starts walking LOL..

lalalee said...

CONGRATS leonie, scott & kloe - I love the pouty pic of him all wrapped up!
Hugs to you hope you get some rest!!
xxx L. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...that's fantastic news.
Annette (from PuzzleArtPlus)

lisa :) said...

CONGRATULATIONS Leonie, Scott and Big Sis Kloe. He is absolutely gorgeous, LOVE the tightly wrapped pouty face pic - too cute for words!!!

Hugs & rest up...unless of course you want to scrap a boy layout for us all to drool over?!

Take care, Lisa xx

Mrs Frizz said...

Gorgeous pics and so very precious ... congratulations to you all - enjoy watching those ten little fingers and ten little toes rule the roost ...

Robyn said...

Oh wow why he didn't just break your waters in the am I don't know! Doctors think they know it showed 'em! LOL
I adore the photo of Kloe and Jack and can't wait to see it scrapped. He is devine and I think you are terribly clever!
Big kisses for all.

janinek said...

I know I have already said my congrats but it just makes me so excited to see pictures of your little fellow and know how close it is for me now. I bet it feels so wonderful to finally hold your little man after all this time of longing. Cant wait till you come to Adelaide next and pop into the shop to show him off!!!

Chrissy said...

He's finally here!!! I knwo how long youhave wiated for this little munchkin to join your family. :-)

Big huge congrats to you and Scott, little Kloe too! *mwah* He's adorably precious Leonie!!

Love and blessings!
Chrissy xx

parkyslot said...

Awh how Gorgeous Lone, well done again. He is so cute and lucky you had your friend and mum there.

Hope all is settling nicely for you.
It is all worth it now

cheers Parky ((HUGS))

Tassie Deb said...

Congrats Lone, and to Scott and Kloe too. Jack is bootiful. I know how loved he is already and Iknow that he will fill your lives with joy :)

Take care my friend

Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxoxo

PS Love the pics, thanks for sharing them with us

Leanne said...

Congratulations Leonie and family. I have been watching your blog for a while now waiting on the news...and it was so worth waiting for..You have some lovely pics. He is devine, well done.

Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Congratulations Leonie, Scott and Kloe on your Beautiful son / brother. Such a long wait but absolutely worth it in the end. Can't wait to see some boy layouts now!

Love & Hugs,
Shelley Turner.

xx Pippa xx said...

Congratulations Leonie. And congrats to Scott and Kloe too. What a beautiful bub. You are so clever - you get to do some boy scrapping now!

Anonymous said...

yay - he's here safe and sound!!!! awesome photos!!!!

unicornsjulie said...

congratulations leonie and hubby, he is gorgeous. julie

Deb said...

Congratulations Leonie, Scott and Kloe. What a little cutie Jack is!!

Welcome to the world little one.

Anonymous said...


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