Saturday, June 30, 2007

June update.......

Ok I did this post about 2 weeks ago and saved it as a drfat but never posted Here I am posting it before I post my new news!!!!

OMG!! So much has happened in the past few weeks I dont know where to start!. i have spent so much time in hospital, going up there for a few tests which turn into hours..etc etc etc. I have had so many CTG's done, my delivery date was changed about 4 times!! My sugar is constantly going wonky for no reason, my UTI is a permanant fixture of my bodily functions, i have taken so many antibiotics I shouldn't get sick for the next year!! i have frantically been trying to get work stuff done, organising staff seeing as I have had to stop working a wee bit earlier than expected, but I just cant bend over with this UTI. It kills seriously!! Its coming up tax time so I'm trying to get a bit of that done, like group certificates all organised. Arrgghhhhh....its been a nightmare!!!

I have hardly had anytime to scratch myself never mind do other things that I want to do for me..iykwim. But we all know I just thrive on the stress...LOL. I have honoured all of my other commitments i have signed up for..I think...if i havent..give me a yell cuz I've forgotten!!!

i had wanted to get to adelaide sometime before Bubs gets here but that isnt going to happen by the looks Of things either.

I did manage to get over to whyalla to see my gorgeous little nephew though!! he is such a sweetie!!. Kloe was just wrapt with him! She didnt want to put him down and didnt want to share cuddles with anyone!! Cant imagine what she is going to be like with her very own bubba to snuggle and cuddle with!!

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Kathryn said...

Wow! Aren't you lucky your friend was there to take those amazing photos? He is gorgeous and doesn't Kloe looked rapt!