Friday, September 14, 2007

I've been scrapping......

Thanks to the ever so wonderful team at Country Paper Craft i have actually been scrapping and having a good time while doing it. I signed up for their Amazing Scrapbook Journey which is kind of like a big race. I was assigned a partner who lived in a different state to me and we had to get together and do some LO's with certain themes that were posted each week. i was partnered with the wonderful Anna, who i had kind of 'known' previously, but not overly well. Well i have to say she has been one awesome partner, and over the past few weeks we have been scrapping our little buns off!! We were in 2nd spot, then third, and now we are in first place!!! We just have to survive this week, where I'm sure all the other teams are going to be pulling out all stops to get home with a whopper score. Just hope Anna and I can hold on for this one last challenge!! Either way its been an awesome experience!!

here are my LO's we have created so far...just one to go!!! in no particular order simply because i cantremember what order we did them in! LOL

This one had to have the word or number 2 in the title

This one was of a building and we both had to have the same kind of building.

This one had to have a songtitle and colour associated with it

This one had to have more than 3 people in the photo
This one had to do with the price of living atthe moment and had to include ephermera of some sort like a checkout docket

I cant remember thee specs on this one but i know i had computer problems atthe time and nearly didnt make it


Anonymous said...

they are all just lovely lone!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great layouts Leonie. I especially love The 2 Of You and The Church.
Hugs, Khris

Anonymous said...

Well we did it PIC!! The journey wouldn't have been as amazing without you as my partner. I've really enjoyed those 8 weeks. Awesome scrapping PIC.

Anonymous said...

Your LO's are all gorgeous Leonie and congratulations of being first, hope you win the overall comp.


Linda M said...

Gorgeous layaouts! Congrats!