Sunday, September 16, 2007

Updated photos.....

Just wanted to share some recent photos of my wee little man! He is slowly growing, slowly getting there!!!

He is a buggerto try and catch him smiling. As soon as he sees the camera he stops. We gotthese with scott looking over my shoulder so he couldnt really see the camera iykwim. By the way scott is NO photographer. They are all a bit blurry but beggars cant be choosers!!!

We have only just noticed that when he gives you a big full faced grin he had the cutest dimple in his left cheek!!! Girls are going to love that when he is older!!!

And these other ones were taken by a friend Stewart when we were out shopping the other day! thanks Stewart they are fabbo pics!!! he look so relaxed in the shopping trolley!!!

and dont you just love Milk Bubbles!!!!


lalalee said...

oh LONE he is just adorable!! what a super cutie patootie!
Please give him a big hug from me 'kay!
xxx L :)

Joyce said...

he is just gorgeous!!! great pics, cant wait to see them scrapped

Susan C said...

He is growing so fast but oh so cutely.

Robyn said...

Oh wow he is so cute and yep the girls will certainly love him alright!

Susan, Brett, baby Kaiden and fur-child Harry said...

Hi Leonie. It's been ages since I've seen you around so I thought I'd stop by. Your little bubba is so cute and your scrapping is just amazing. I love it all!
Susan S

Anonymous said...

Awww he is a handsome little fellow! Makes me want to reach through the computer to give him a cuddle!

Anonymous said...

Ohh Leonie, he is so adorable!! He certainly has grown, give him a huge gentle hug from me.

Hugs to you both, I think of you often.


Anonymous said...

Aw Leoni.. he is getting so big.. can't believe how much he has grown already.. that little lip.. want to eat him up!

Hugs, Mich (vWyk)