Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i dunno....

what happened to my post yesterday.
maybe Blogger was in such a shock that i had actually posted anything it couldnt cope?? LOL

It was pretty photo heavy so maybe I overloaded it.

Ok will do smaller posts today and see how it copes.

Basically yesterdays post was just about how crappy this year has been for me and my family but we are trying to keep our heads above water and soldier on.
Not going to retype the whole darn thing cause frankly I'm over it!

But here is some updated photos.

Will do one child in each post so I dont freak it out again.

First K...she is growing up so much.

Now 10 years old and hormone territory so watch out!!

Loves netball and basketball and school.

Ok cant getthe photos how I want them...Maybe Im no longer blogger savvy??
ok will post this before it disappears on me.

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