Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hanglar and stanglar....

are officially in mt sweaty little hands...YES THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!!!
Didnt you hear me scream??
Im shaking I'm so excited. DH is just looking at me as if Im crazy! LOL..well maybe I am a little but hey it makes life more interesting.
Now to go cut them up and ink them up...woot this space.....LOL


Lesley said...

Very happy for you Lone, look forward to seeing what you do with them.... Cheers Lesley

Anonymous said...

How funny I just saw these for the first time the other day and was wondering where I could order them. They are just adorable.
Your cards are very beautiful. Love the way you do the flowers.
Thanks for sharing.
Judy in Illinois USA

Nancy said...

Your are so lucky!!! Would you share how you got them? I would love to buy some but have not figured out how to get them. I live in the USA. If you don't mind would you send me a email?
Thanks so much.

Sharon Caudle said...

They're both gorgeous, Lone! I love your coloring and all your fabulous detailing! And you made it with plenty of time. It doesn't end for another 10 1/2 hours! :) Thanks for joining in on the challenge with us! hugs!