Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Ok ok I'm running way late with this one...but I think with us being in front of the US time wise I'm going to make the skin of my teeth!!

Magnolialiscious DT did a Pretty in Pink blog hop awhile back and challenged us to create a card in Pinks. Easy peasy you say and ask why I am running see I did a card all nice and pink and pretty..then realised I hadnt used a MAgnolia image on it.....WHAT!! you say..I know...but you see I was so excited to receive my H&S stamps that I coloured in one of those and stuck it on thats why Im running Well my excuse in any case...LOL is my Pretty in Pink card. i hope you like. Its actually 'So Spooky' Tilda without her broom. Love her like this! Sans broom!

And I might as well put the H&S one on here as well as its still all in the pinks!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hanglar and stanglar....

are officially in mt sweaty little hands...YES THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!!!
Didnt you hear me scream??
Im shaking I'm so excited. DH is just looking at me as if Im crazy! LOL..well maybe I am a little but hey it makes life more interesting.
Now to go cut them up and ink them up...woot this space.....LOL

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did you want to win??

A copy of the new Magnolia magazine that is?? Well drop on over to Sarah's blog as she has one as her candy! Or maybe not...then I will win!! LOL

Friday, January 22, 2010

WOOHOO!!!! Hanglar and Stanglar are on their way...!!!

YES!!! It has been officially confirmed!! My Hanglar and Stanglar stamps are curently winging their way down under and soon into my letterbox!!! OMG....*faints*...gets back up....I'm so totally over the moon!! And get this...not one..not two...but 16 of these gorgeous creations!!! I know!! OMFG!!!!!!!

Here is what I have coming......

I just want to send the biggest THANK YOU to the wonderful and incredibly sweet Zarah for putting me in contact with the amazing Evelina who got these for me... Biggest MWAH to you both!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thank You Challenge

The Challenge over at Just Magnolia this week is for Thank You cards. I did this one up last night. i really quite like it. i have used the So Spooky Tilda but have cut off her broom. I actually really like her without it. She looks a bit coy and shy now.

I actually saw this done on someones blog somewhere, so if it was you...I thank you for the idea!! Loved it!! Great thinking 99.....

Anywho on with my card.

I have coloured her with pencils and OMS and the PP is Kaiser. The sentiment is from SU.

Valentines Challenge

How perfect that the challenge this fortnight over at Magnolia Down Under is for a VAlentines. I just made two for a swap I'm in on my Puzzle art group! And guess whose I used to adorn my Cards with...yep the sweet Tilda!!

So here is my entry in to the challenge. Not with one card but two!

I didnt put a sentiment on this one just in case the recipient wanted to use it for another purpose.

and this one just had a general sentiment on it...."Just for You" which again can be used for any purpose really.

Thanks for coming to have a looksy!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


OMG the wonderful Jodi has the most awesome candy on her blog. What is it I hear you ask....ummm...should I tell you?? Ok.... But you cant go there as I want to win
She has got as her candy the awesome WInter stamp club kit from MAgnolia...I Know...awesome right!!! But remember you cant go there cause I want to win

EAsel Card

O i have been seeing these little easel cards near on everywhere i look lately. And I'm lovingthem. So i thought..well i had better put my A into G and have a go. here is my effort. Again with the yummy Magnolia stamps. im so loving Miss Tilda!

I think I could have made it 'sit' up a bit more iykwim...but I'm still happy for my first attempt!

And here are some other cards I made with CPC's December kit. Again with Miss Tilda featuring!!! I can see a severe addiction happening! LOL