Friday, July 01, 2011

Flower power, everywhere...

Well its time for another Tickled Pink Challenge and the theme this week is so close to my heart....FLOWERS!!!  How yummy!!!
Unfortunately I have had a terrible week at work, life, you name it and its all gone pear shaped this i run out of time.
I had such great glorious plans and then in the end I rushed my card and well...quite frankly...I'm not fond of it...not fond at all...but well I guess you cant LOVE everything you do all the time.
I think one of my main issues is that the colours are off in the photo.  the flowers and the pink strip are almost the same colour irl but here they look completely different and ghastly...and dont blend at all.
I will endeavour to take a new photo in the daylight to see if that helps.
Anyways here is my creation.

Anywho..i just know that your creations are gooing to run circles around mine and I cant wait to see them!


Lau W said...

So nice card, so cool !

Chrissy said...

Well, I think it is a great card, I love the mixture of colours, real funky and hip, great image.

Cor* said...

Peace out man, relax dude this creaiton is wicked awesome. I love all the flowers all over in the ribbon & tag & on the side & bottom! I'm so glad to be joining you guys for the next little while.

Kellie said...

Peace out! This is awesome! It's bright, funky and hip all at the same time, AWESOME, AWESOME!

Hugs Kellie