Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm back in the land of the living..

My god I havent had a flu that has knocked me off my feet this bad in years!! its been 2 weeks and i'm still not feeling 100%. How sad is that?? But hey life goes on...
What have you all missed in the past week..well to be honest not much!! Work, work and more work, and another trip to adelaide. At least this one was for pleasure and not pain (as such!!). We did a family trip to take Kloe to the zoo, with the alterior motive of mummy visiting IKEA!! When we woke up friday morning to rain rain and more rain. we still go?? yea sure why not! If its still raining by the time we get there we would go see a movie or something. we got to the zoo fairly dry and was there for about halfaan hour before it absolutely bucketed down. O NO!! Do we stay under shelter, wait it out or do we just leave?? We huddled under some wet dripping bamboo in the south-east asian exhibit for about 20 mins until it stopped. Then it stayed fairly nice for the rest of the day. Kloe was so funny, she was doing the zoo at 100 miles per hour!! I'm not sure if it was because the last time she went, she went wth her school ad i can imagine that they had to look at things pretty quickly to get them all around within a couple of hours, she didnt understand that we had all day today. it didnt matter how long we were there. We were very impressed with all the new bits that they have done, makes the zoo look so much nicer when the animals arent in cement cages and in a more natural (well as close to natural as you can get) surrounding. Buggered if I could see the tiger though in amongst all that plant life!!. Some nice ginger plants and palms though!!
But the best bit of all was the gorillas!!
The part I was looking most forward too and they did not disappoint me. truly stunning animals!!. For anybody who does not believe in evolution, they need to spend some time watching these amazing animals!!. There is definately some connection between them and humans!!

We ended up at the zoo for 3.5 hours. i expected to be there longer but Kloe had had enough by that time, so then it was off to find IKEA. No problems there, the place is HUGE!!!!!! with a capital H!!. i have never been to a carpark where it was so packed they had people directing you where to park!! You can tell I'm a country bumpkin hey!! Well i had a fairly good look around albeit with a 6 year old and a male in tow, wanting to know why i was looking at that??, why are we in a furniture display shop??, was i nearly finished looking???, was it nearly time to go look at harbour town???. My god I was having a ball and they werent. What was wrong with them?? we were in IKEA!!!! gave in and went to harbour town and ate some late lunch watching the planes land at the airport. very relaxing I must say!!

All I can say is thank god I'm back down there on friday of this week, and can sneak back out to IKEA and perhaps get lost!! if no one hears from me for a couple of days after friday you might want to send a search party looking for me. I could just possibly still be at IKEA!!!! LOL ;o)

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