Saturday, June 03, 2006

A day of ups and downs....

Yesterday...What a day!!! was one of those rollercoaster days when quite frankly you would just rather step off for awhile and let someone else enjoy(?) the ride.
It started out fine, although I'm still so not use to getting kloe ready for school. Its just something i dont normally do. Under normal circumstances I drag her out of bed about 5 mins before i need to leave, throw all her stuff in the car and take her up mums, but with mum being indisposed again (read in her second home, otherwise known as the port pirie hospital), I have to get her ready before dropping her off to dad, who then has to fight with her to eat something. Is it possible for a 6 year old to have an eating disorder?? i mean she is in no way skinny but she never eats anything. i dont know how she survives on the tinsy bit she does eat. But my god i dont know how my mum gets her dressed and her hair done before its time for her to go to school. My mum needs a medal i think!! Shes a nightmare!!! As if i need more stress in my life!!
Anyway with that out of the way, work was pretty normal!! i arrived home and went straight on the computer to try and get ROBBIE WILLIAMS tickets. After two hours of continuously pressing the retry button, I eventually got on!! YEA!!! So Scott and i are now the proud owners of two red hot ga Gold tickets to see that gorgeous hunk of a man!!! WOOHOO!!! Sorry julie if you are ready this!! But YAHOO!!!!!!!!! That definately saw the day take an upturn.
Then i had a funeral to go to which is horrid at the best of times. i never really knew the man but he was the father of my ex-sister-in-law. i still see her on a regular basis, so it just seemed the right thing to do.
i then got home to possibly the worst news. i got an email from Kyrs at SM to say that my LO that had been accepted to be published in their magazine had not arrived at its destination. O NO!!! i scrambled to find my postal receipt to find out what day I had posted it. MAy 7th. Not Good!! even if aussie post was using the camel train to sydney it hould have arrived by now. My LO is lost in the bowels of aussie postland. O NO!! Could there be a worse hell??? How can they loose a pizza box??? Isnt it big enough??? I could understand a letter or even a really tiny parcel...but a pizza box??? I cant even go down and speak to our local post office until monday. LAst night was an evening of devastation!!! I couldnt sleep, I was so miffed and upset.

But saturday came to my rescue and I was off to Adelaide. No not to visit my friends at REPROMED. they were not in for a visit!! Thank god!! It was to do some fabulous classes at Scrapbbok Station under the guidance of the ever so wonderful Steph!! (and i promise Steph I wont post the pics, although I did pass the waving one onto Chrissy and Tracey!) these are the awesome pages she taught us today. thanks for making my saturday so much better than my friday!!!

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Chrissy said...

Hiya Leonie, have you heard anything yet from Krys?? I know how upset you must be, let us know when it makes its way home. I'm sure it will, it was an awesome LO too!!

Chrissy xx