Friday, June 23, 2006

Smacks wrist....bad blogger

O my....I just seen the date on my last entry. Where has June gone??? Have I really not undated in all this time??? I blame the girls at TSH for all the wonderful daily challenges they have been dishing out. By the time I get home from work i have roughly 1.5 hours to do the daily challenge before i have to pick Kloe up from school. Sometimes i can get it done and other times i'm left procrastinating about it.
So what else has been happening in my life for the month of June. Well quite honestly, not much...SSDD is the order of the days.
For the queens birthday we went for a BBQ with some old friends at Barrows Beach. it kind of felt weird aas we have really had nothing to do with them for probably well over a year and we have all moved on in different directions and there was not much conversation flowing iykwim. I spent most of the afternoon playing and go ing for walks on the beach. And of course taking photos!!! Kloe had a great time and Scotts words were. " Well that was interesting!! Wont be in a big rush to do that again!!" it was ok. i had a great time going for the walks up the beach. Walking in the ankle deep soft sand was hard work and was a good work out!!
We got home with about 10 mins to spare to watch the news, scotts favourite pasttime. dad rang just as we got in the door wanting to know if I had heard from my brother. i said i had just got in and he said well you had better ring him before you watch the news. i was busy and kind of forgot until scott said, "come and watch this, there was a accident in Pirie today and someone was killed" I started to watch and as soon as I saw the car i thought, "O NO!!", my heart leapt into my throat and my stomach started to instantly churn, i wasnt even listening to the story. i was looking frantically for my mobile. 7 missed calls from my brother. i rang him straight away. He knew instantly that i had seen the news. He reassured me straight away that our friend Stuart was fine and it was the guy on the motorbike that had been killed. still not great but, such a tradgedy for the boys family, but i did feel better that it wasnt our friend. is that awful???. we have since found out that the guy on the motorbik was drunk and was doing an estimated speed of between 150 and 180 kms per hour. on a town street at 1.30 in the afternoon. stuart and Amanda were coming back from doing some shopping. they were less than 500m's from home. Stuart is a mess and has gone to stay with Amandas parents in Kadina for awhile. i spoke with warren on Thursday and he said that Stuart wasnt coping at all. i dont blame him.

O my I just noticed the time. i'm off to the slave and grind.....will try and finish off my June in review entry when i get home.

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Robyn said...

I love those 2 layouts Leonie! i am so pleased your friend is Ok even though I know he is badly shaken.