Sunday, February 11, 2007

Has it really.......

Been that long since I blogged??? o my where did january go?? is it just me or is the world spinning faster or something??

ok well I think we need a january update before we go any further. Ok January consisted of...lets, stinking hots days, being stuck inside with the a/c flat strapped, work, and umm...that about it!! Seriously!! i hibernate when its so hot and that was about my life for january. We had so many days above 35 degrees it wasnt funny!! I hate the heat and just lounged around inside and did nothing!! Kloe did practically the same, was too hot to go anywhere and do anything. totally horid month!!!

My one hi-light was getting to go to Creative Edge in Adeliade. i had such a ball!! i so wish I had been able to go for the whole weekend but the finances throughout January and never brilliant so the old budget just wouldnt stretch to it! I did have one awesom time though!! i really needed it, to get out of he house, out of Town and scrappig for a whole day! My idea of heaven!!

Have itold you Icant scrap when its hot as my scrap room isnt air conditioned?? Well its not and its always about 10 degrees hotter in there than outside!! I kid you not!! So this was really my first lot of real scrapping for the whole year!!

Ok enough rabbiting on...I had better show you what I did!

With the faboulous gorgeous Steph, and I got to sit next to Marilyn for this class as well!! How lucky was I?

I just loved this one!! Was a bit miffed that you can see the KI gloo through the transparency but well you know it happens!!

next class was with Kate mason. i had never done a class with her before and lets just say it was different. Something i'm totally not used to! Got to sit next to Marilyn again though!! And a girl who for the life of me I cant remember her name, but she always goes to Steph's classes at the station! We had a ball laughing and being the noisy ones in the class!!! So heres the end result!

Well after lunch i did a clas with Zina Wright. Wow!! She is one gorgeous lady!! i loved her class alot!! We did a quote book and I just LOVE it. Did i mention I love it??? Only I havent taken any photos of it, but promise I will and i will upload them.....I promise.!!

Ok well thats about it for january. Will now try to catch up to february!!


Casstastrophy said...

WOW I really dig these LO, great work. I was just floating around the blogmosphere and stummbled along here. So I thought I would just say hello...'Hi'
Good luck with your bubba

Cass xxxx

kate mason said...

Hi Leonie,
I am glad you enjoyed Creative Edge but sorry to hear my class was a bit different to what you are used to. Mind you, I like teaching something a little different from mainstream, so thats ok with me LOL.
Variety is the spice of life as they say!
I enjoyed seeing your finished layout, amazing how they all turned out so differently. I love that!
Hope you enjoy a smooth pregnancy & a healthy baby!