Saturday, February 24, 2007

Photo shoot from today......

Ok so far February has been pretty well no descript. Hot and boring!!! i had my morphology scan....found out what the peanut is. NA na I know and you dont!!! (imagine me sticking out my toungue at you all!!). we are in the middle of totally re-arranging our house, and so home life is general chaos!!

But a good thing has come of it all!! i have a perfect wall at the moment to take photos against!! Woohoo!! How excited am I????

hers some from today. She co-operated for a bit then was being a wicked witch.....cant blame her though its pretty hot and sticky!!

Her being sweet and innocent!!!

Being her cheeky self!!!!!

Fish kisses to you all!!!!


Chrissy said...

ROFL ahhh so now you have the good wall too!! The girls always joke I shold rent out my good wall for their family portraits or that one day we'll wake up and they'll be out the back just doing their shoot! *giggle*

So you *know* huh??!! Ohhhhhh, VERY exciting love!!:-)


steph devlin said...

Ohhh so very cute. Its such an exciting time ha. 20 weeks ha ? you are only five weeks ahead of me. Wow the middle of the year is going to be interesting. First you, then Janine then me. Scrapbook Station is going to have lots of congrats signs everywhere !!!! Hope you are well.

Steph xo