Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ok February so far.......

Kloe went bck to school full of enthusiasm and energy! She is so looking forward to being in year two this year. She was extremely 'over the moon' when she found out who her teacher was on book day. She got exactly who she wanted and most of her friends are in her class. What more could a girl aske for?! So far i love her teacher. She is a bit older than the norm, which is great (nothing against young teachers but sometimes....well i;m sure you all know what i mean!!), and you can just tell that she is notgoing to take any lip from a snotty nosed 7 year old!! Yea for that!!! We have already had readers and words and tests home which is just amazing after last year where we got virtually nothing!!! seeing her tests is a big thrill for me! we never got anything like that sent home last year and just never knew whether she wa sreally doing any good or not...iykwim??

But on a sad note on February 2nd kloes beloved minature rabbit Max died after being bitten by a european wasp. We were all very sad at her passing. We have had her for 4 years and she was a part ofour family! Kloe used to wrap her in her dolls blankets and push her around in her dolls pram. Kloe took it extremely hard as it was her first real pet of hers that ha sdied. We have other rabbits and chooks die all the time but Max was her rabbit and it made such a great difference. But i feel it was a great lesson learned. i do think kids need to know about life and death and not be as shelteredas we were growing up when our dogs 'ran way' and all that guff. We try to be as honest as we can with her....but still she took it very hard, my poor fred bear!!

Maxwill be greatly missed.

And before I chuff off and go and pick the squirt up from school, i just want to say thanks to Kate Mason who left a comment on my last entry. Thanks for coming by and reading all my junk and I really truly hope you didnt take offence to the way i worded my entry about your class. I didnt mean 'different' in a bad way. i loved your class just as much as the others. So please forgive me if I offended thee. i didnt mean it!!

this is some photos of a mini book that i have made for my brother and his soon to be wife for their upcoming bubs. It wa smade from a class kit by Kate mason from the Creative Edge weekend called shabby little treasure. thanks Kate i just love it!!!!


Chrissy said...

So glad Kloe has had a great start to the school year, my kiddies have too so feeling very lucky here as well!

The little shabby book is utterly *adorable, there are no other words for it! I want one!! :-)

Take good care of yourself love!
Chrissy xx

parkyslot said...

Oh poor Kloe I hope she is feeling better soon. It is hard for kids but like you said good for her to learn.

Hope your feeling well and taking care of yourself as well.
Love your shabby book as well

Love Parky xxxx