Saturday, August 06, 2011

Whats your story???

Its friday and its time for feathers...what???   LOL...Over at Tickled Pink Stamps we want to see feathers on your creations this week...have fabulous darling!!!   LOL
Ok seriously have lost the plot but thats ok.

Now what a hunt did I have through my house looking for my feathers only to find I only had 1 nice one left and a couple of mangy looking purple was the colour of the day!!  with a splash of teal which I think look fabbo together!  Even if i do say so

So now its your turn to go pluck a chook or duck and get your feathers on...on your creations that

1 comment:

Cor* said...

YIPPEE! I'm so glad this was the only feather had left, cuz any other color just wouldn't have been the same! this is GORGEOUS! With that large lush flower and lace!! Scrummy!