Sunday, April 23, 2006

Must be feeling better..I Scrapped

Well after being almost flat on my back for a week with the dreaded lurgy I went to the doctor yesterday to find out that i have Sialoadenitis. Its an inflamation of the glands in my neck. They are so swollen and infected that they have cut off my ear canal so I cant hear a thing in my left ear!! So double strength antibitics are the go and after just 3 of them I'm now able to sit upright and feel heaps better, although i still cant hear!!

i'm feeling so much better that i even managed to scrap today!! Took me all day but hey at least I got it done!!! i have used products from my new tarisota collection. it arrived on wednesday but I just wasnt up to even opening the box!! Does that tell you how sick I was?? love all this pack and wanted to use it straight away, so here it is!!
Getting photos of scott is almost as hard as getting photos of me!! But this is Kloe and scott at the triple J one night stand concert!! loving these new lines from SEI and Scenic Route. the flowers are also the new Prima range that i got from the states. Spiffy, Chi-Chi and Frou Frou. Gorgeous colours and I just love these flowers!!! Cant wait til i get get them here, so i can buy a whole bottle of them rather than just have a small sample pack of about 30!!
Kloe has been the perfect child over the past week. Although today the boredom is really kicking in!! While I've been sick she has been an angel disappearing for hours out the back in her cubby and playing with the dogs, but today after she has realized that mum's feeling better she is trying to get me to do things that I still feel I'm not quite uo to. Going to Tamatown on the computer with her this morning and watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2 this afternoon (twice!)has been about my limit!! I hope I'm feeling even better by tuesday as I promised to take her to see Ice Age 2. Sitting in a theatre with all those kids is not my idea of fun when I'm still feeling a little bit whoozzzzzyyyyyy!!! in my head! But as we missed going to see Nanny McFee last week I had better not miss IA2.
Have just found out from scott that my bosses wife has now been in labour for over 43 hours and has at long last decided that yes they can break her water to speed things up. Silly woman!! Makes me thank god that my labour only lasted 1 hour 45 minutes total from go to whoa!!
He also said that he has got Friday off so I have managed to swap a few things around and so hopefully we can do something as a family on friday. Thinking of going to Adelaide and perhaps taking Kloe to the zoo, where we havent been since she was 3. My friend nicole went today with her two sweeties and said the gorillas were fabbo. Kind of want to go visit IKEA too now that it is opened in Adelaide.
Ok think i have been sitting here for a bit long as the room is starting to sway and spin a little bit. think its back to the lounge and the fire for awhile.

Must just show you this pic I took of Kloe on easter sunday. She reminds me of The Cat In The Hat!!


Chrissy said...

Oh Leonie you poor possum! Sounds like you have had one dreadful time of it! Glad the antis are working a bit now!

Kloe looks adorable in that hat btw! :-)

Chrissy xx

Robyn said...

Oh dear Leonie this is awful. I hope your recovery is even quicker than you expect and that your next post is one where you are back on top of things. I am so sorry you have beenthrough all this it must have been dreadful. Kloe has been a little angel but be kind to yourself you still need to rest up a lot!

Susan C said...

Your LO is fabbo. I've been looking at the Tarasota collections for the last few months. The products are amazing.

Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

Tassie Deb said...

Oh Leonie, I do hope you are all better now.

I love what you did with the Tarosota collection. I am still drooling over mine LOL. In fact I think I have only used a little bit of the last 3 deliveries. I must use them.

Fabbo pic of Kloe too, cant wait to see what you do with it.

Take care
TD xoxoxo

Angelrat said...

Wowee, Leonie, your illness sounds frightfully important, with such a posh name! I really hope you're feeling a lot better now. I saw Ice Age 2, and loved it, did you get to go?

Love that pic of Kloe, she's so cute!