Tuesday, April 13, 2010


is being posted as we speak around the world!!
OMG I so cant wait!!

Did you want a sneaky peak???

Ok you twisted my arm....I got this off a blog..this is not my kit..unfortunately...I am stalking my post lady though in hopes mine will be here very soon.
i have had it ordered since December last year!!  Sigh

ok here is the sneaky peak!!!
(I have edited this to put in a better picture of the kit)

O i just love Edwin as robin Hood and that frog and snail and the sweet tiny Tilda fairy..O my Im going to be in MAgnolia heaven!!!!


Sammi said...

so sweet isn't it! I CAN'T wait to get mine too... I also ordered it in Dec. *sigh* still waiting!!

Carolyn said...

I refused to order anymore kits after the Winter/Christmas kit was such a dud with no winter images and showing up a week before Christmas, but I must get my hands on this one. What a great addition to the princess collection, of which I also haven't received yet.
Hugs xx

Jodie from Oz said...

OMG, love love love it, I too am stalking my postie. Thanks for the sneak peak, I have seen a few but not as good as this picture. Thanks for sharing. hugs Jodie from Oz

Leslie Avila said...

did you get the sring kit from diane? and if so are they still for sale? These are adorable. i love the mini one!
Leslie Avila