Thursday, April 22, 2010

A new Helper...God help me.....

Ok no wI know some of you know that my girl likes to create cards wwith me and has even got her own blog now....but GOD HELP ME...I think i may have another artistic talent in the family...although I think he might be more of a make-up artiste!!!
He was very quiet, and for anyone who has got or had little boys...when things go quiet somethings up!!
I wandered into the loungeroom to find my boys both innocently watching TV and thought...nope they have done something.  I say to them...what are you doing and my youngest one turns to me looking like this.

He had found my Pinecone versacube ink.  And obviously ittasted good!!
believe me it wasnt just over his face it was in his mouth all up his arms and all over his t-shirt and legs!

But doesnt he look proud of himself!!!
Little rat-bag!!
Mind you my ink now works really well when before it seemed to be drying out.  So maybe all it needed was a bit of bubba spit and its all good.  Who knew!!
Mr Flyn did ......and he was just helping his mummy out!!

thanks Mr F!!

And just because the others will get jealous their mugs arent displayed for all to see here they are shots from today!

Mr Jack and Miss Kloe.

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