Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Yea running late.....

but I have a good excuse!!  Turns out this 'flu' i have had for about 4 weeks is actually pneumonia!!  Yep no wonder I have been feeling so..well YUK!!! and my cough is no longer just a cough but a weird mating call for elephant seals.  Well thats how it sounds...lol.
But now with some double strength antibiotics I feeling a little better...still no where near 100% but maybe running at about 70% now..yay!!
So anyways because of all this I missed last fridays Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge.  But i have since created my card using CARDBOARD, which is this weeks theme and have put it up on the post.
Here it is as well.

now I would love to see yours!

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Cor* said...

Hey Leonie. Yuk with the pneumonia diagnosis, but YAY for this fantabulous magical mystical creation! UH>>>I always forget about my filmstip, darnit! Thanks for the reminder! so glad you got around to posting this!