Friday, September 30, 2011

Just one of those days....

Dont you hate it when you have those days that no matter what you do and what you touch it all just goes batcrap??  Sorry but no other way of putting it without totally swearing!
Well today is one of those days!!
But i wont bother you with those dramas as I am sure you are here to find out what the new challenge is over at Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge.
Well this week we have a great theme for you all....WINTER!!!   Easy peasy Japanesy!!
Now if you want to avert looking at a disaster you might want to turn away now and go and look at the AMAZING work of all my fellow DTers to gain some form of inspiration as I am sure my card will not spark your creativeness.
Its just another one of those things today which has gone either totally wrong or nowhere near how I intended it to be.
I wasnt going to actually share it with you all but I thought I would as I know people like to look at tragedy no matter how bad it
So here it is......sigh!  LOL
I wish you could see how it should have looked but that image is still in my head and not made from paper lol

o well i'm sure you all will create something wonderful so lets see it!!


Regan said...

Leonie, what are you talking about!?!? This is brilliant! Fabulous papers! Love the text in the center of the dizzy die cut! And your image is lovely with just the nutcracker in "color"! I think you are being too hard on yourself because I LOVE it! Hope your day gets better! :)

Cor* said...

oooooo first of all BATCRAP??? Love it! I just swear!! haha! Second of all, I think this card has so much dimension to it, I just want to reach out and touch it! I'm sorry it did not come together as you had anticipated, but inspiration nonetheless!