Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just wanting to share my other passion with you all

My other passion...well one of many lol is photography.  i am no pro but a long shot but I do like to dabble so this post is going to be quite heavy with some recent photos.
A friend of mine recently had a baby and I asked if i could take some photos of her sweet bubba.  Its always something i had wanted to do and never had a really decent camera when mine were this little.  Sweet MacKenna is 3 weeks old and he was the most perfect bubba.  Slept the whole time and almost let me do anything with him, except he insisted on having his arm out almost all ofthe
Here are a few of my favourites.

And here are a few of my tinlids from this weekend when we went to look at a friends old trucks that they had recently acquired.

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amberpaige said...

beautiful photography leonie!