Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter and the dreaded lurgy...

Well I'm back after the easter break. Although it hasnt been an overly good easter break in our household. Scott got the flu sometime last week and over easter has proceeded to give it everyone else.
I could feel it coming on saturday morning but when I woke up sunday morning I felt as if i had just done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!! Not good I tell you. to make things worse I had to work all day from 8am til 4pm. Yuk!! i was like a zombie. Scott had taken his mum to adelaide to watch the Power get their butts kicked, so Kloe had to go up my mums. Now for those who dont know my mum is a chronic asthmatic so really didnt want her to get this flu or she would end up with pneumonia and be in hospital for a month, so I just dropped Kloe off out the front on their house, bit rude on easter sunday, but i rang her once I got to work and explained the situation. Come 4 o'clock I was in a terrible state and just wanted to die.
easter monday found me worse again, but couldnt find anyone willing to do my shift, so it was off to work I go with NO VOICE!!!! horror of horrors!!! lucky it was only a short shift and i was home by midday!! i feel into bed and didnt get out until about 1pm on tuesday!! checked my emails to find over 1000 from all the groups I'm in. EEEKK!!!!
Today is now wednesday and even though i'm still not 100% at least I now have my voice back and can sit upright for longer than 10 minutes without feeling I'm on some kind of roller coaster.

Geez!! Wasnt that an interesting blog entry???


Susan C said...

Oh, doesn't sound good Leonie. A friend at work got it over the holidays and she's still recovering, so take care of you.

Bev said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better now Leonie...touch wood I havent had the flu yet this year. I have one of those horrible wino coughs thats disgusts people so I am in no rush to get it lol

Chrissy said...

OH Leonie I so hope you are on the mend now, that is not a great way to spend your Easter!

Healthy hugs!
Chrissy xx