Friday, April 14, 2006

Piries one night stand with triple j..

LAst night i went to one of the best things that has ever happened to Port Pirie. Triple J hosted their One Night Stand here!! Woohoo. It was Kloes first ever "rock" concert as well and from how much fun she had i'm sure it wont be her last!! She was the total "rock chick'. Sitting up on my shoulders and rocking in the mosh pit!! the acts were Sector 12 (a local band) who were surprisingly very good. then there was The Herd who did an amazing rap version of redgums classic, 'I was only 19". now i'm not a big rap fan at all but it was amazing!! it might have been the atmosphere, i dont know, but it was awesome!!!

Then the most amazing musician came on. Xavier Rudd!!. i have to be honest and say that I have NEVER heard of him before, but today, after listening to him last night, came home and blew my whole itunes card on downloading his newest album!! I was saving it for the new chili peppers album but will now have to buy another card. Its all loaded on my ipod and i'm bopping way as we speak!! then came some DJ, cant remember what his name was but we walked around and got donuts and drinks because he did nothing for me. Than at 8.40 came the part we were all waiting for THE LIVING END!! They rocked the oval!!!!We spent four songs in the mosh pit before it got a bit scary. me, all 5'3" of me with a 20kg kid on my shoulders who was rocking her heart out, getting pushed and shoved from all sides, and beside we had to leave fairly soon because she still had to go to school today! much to her disgust!! The people were packed in so tight it took us about 10 minutes to get out!! She was so angry when we had to leave and didnt speak to me the whole way home.
She has made us promise now that when the chili peppers tour next we are taking her. i agreed but had my fingers crossed!! i dont mind taking her to things like last night that was free but i'm not sure on paying for a concert ticket for a 6 year old. When the chili's toured last our tickets cost $130 each for the chili bowl (mosh pit!).


Chrissy said...

Your little Rock Chick looks gorgeous Leonie!! Sounds like a fab time was had by all!

Happy Easter and bunny hugs!
Chrissy xx

Tassie Deb said...

What a fabbo time you had Leonie. I can so relate to having a child not speak all the way home when you have to leave somewhere before they want to LOL.

Great pics to esp the one of the sideshow ride.

Have a great Easter Leonie,
TD xoxoxo

t is for trackles said...

Sounds like you all had a great time Leonie, and lovin' all the fantastic photos on your Blog - you clever girl!

Anonymous said...

awesome blog - i am so dumb at these

great one night stand...